Saturday, April 25, 2015

Diva Makeup Queen "Dream Big Palette"

 photo IMG_8002_zps0cjz7aa3.jpg

My friend on Youtube, Wing of DivaMakeupQueen released her very own makeup palette. I was excited when she made the announcement in one of her videos. I've known her for over 5 years and she is the most talented, beautiful and hard working Youtube makeup gurus in my book. She also has a kind and loving heart. She inspires people with her music, makeup looks and tutorials and inspirational videos. Her motto in life, "Dream Big" inspired her to create this makeup palette with her subscribers in mind.

Dream Big makeup palette is a magnetic palette with 13 eye shadows. The One I got is called "Dream Big Palette + Mystery Collection. In comes with 1 magnetic palette, 13 eye shadows and 6 makeup in a pan. I received 5 eye shadows and 1 high lighter.

 photo IMG_8011_zpsqjflbdzc.jpg

Let's look at the packaging. It has cuteness all over it ^_^. I love the animated Wing in the front holding a lipstick with New York city in the background. One of her subscribers created the design. When you open it, you can find an inspirational quote from Wing encouraging you to "Dream Big". I love the big mirror. Every palette should have a big mirror like this one. The palette is magnetic and has a good weight to it. The eye shadows are secure inside. I also like that you're not stuck with the same eye shadows. I can remove and change the eye shadows as I please.

 photo IMG_8018_zpsiikau5nm.jpg

The palette comes with 13 eye shadows. 8 neutrals and 4 colorful eye shadows. I love the variety of colors and finishes to choose from. It has a combination of matte, shimmery and glittery/frosty finishes. This is important to create a well balanced look. The texture and pigmentation are also great. They are smooth and soft and can honestly stand against other high end brand eye shadows.

 photo IMG_8020_zpswvwohtq6.jpg

You can see the variety of finishes from the swatches

 photo IMG_8029_zps2o3z9kf1.jpg

These are the neutral eye shadows. I absolutely love every single one of them. They are all pigmented, smooth and easy to blend. I love that it comes with a true brown, soft brown and taupe.

The names are top: Gratitude (glittery white), Vision (matte vanilla), Passion (matte taupe) and Purpose (shimmery light peach)
bottom: Courage (shimmery bronze), Perseverance (matte soft brown), Faith (matte medium brown) and Believe (matte true brown)

 photo IMG_8022_zpsjavidnn2.jpg

These are the dark and colorful eye shadows in the palette. Just like the neutral eye shadows, these are also soft, smooth, pigmented and easy to blend. They compliment the neutral eye shadows well.

The names are top: The shimmery/glittery black doesn't have a name on the bottom, Strength (shimmery midnight blue ) and Inspiration (medium pink)
bottom: Power (shimmery soft green with gold under tone) and Imagination (shimmery lavender)

 photo IMG_8021_zpsw0spkfpx.jpg

These are the makeup pans that comes with the Mystery Collection. You don't get to choose. I guess that's why it's called mystery, right? I received a highlighter and 5 eye shadows. They are all pigmented and gorgeous, but my favorite is the purple eye shadow. It's so rich and vibrant. I love it's metallic finish.

This is the only downfall for me in this collection. I wish I was able to pick what I want. I would rather have a blush than highlighter because I can use the lighter eye shadows as highlighters, and  shimmery green eye shadows is very similar to the one that is already in the palette. And these doesn't have any names. It's not a big deal, but it would be cool if they have names too like the ones in the palette.

 photo IMG_8032_zpshynkon3e.jpg

 photo IMG_8041_zpsbki7u2bv.jpg

 photo IMG_8015_zps1cmv38ym.jpg
*size comparison with Urban Decay Naked 3 palette*

Here is Wing's Youtube video on the "Dream Big" palette.

Overall, it's a great eye shadow palette to own. you're getting great quality eye shadows in a cute, portable magnetic palette for an affordable price.

You can order it on

The Dream Big palette is $29.99 + $10.00 for Mystery Collection.

There is a $10 off code you can use in your order. Just enter DMQFAN at check out.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wet n Wild Foundation Brush REVIEW

 photo IMG_1583_zps0yc1pmpr.jpg

Soft, affordable and get's the job done!

Wet n Wild Beauty Build a Foundation, Foundation Brush is a makeup brush used to apply foundation on the face. It is made with synthetic bristles. It can be used for cream and liquid makeup. It's quiet soft and doesn't feel rough on the skin. It does a good job in applying and blending the makeup. The handle is made of hard plastic so it feels light.The size is smaller than a full size brush, but bigger than a travel size brush. It's also easy to clean. Just run it through water and rub on your palm with a touch of anti-bacterial liquid dish detergent, rinse, dry and it's good to go. Keep in mind that the brush sheds a few hair when washed. It's no big deal. It happens to most makeup brushes, drugstore or high-end. 

You can find it at your local drugstores for $2.99

I highly recommend it. 

 photo IMG_1575_zpso6tva7re.jpg

 photo IMG_1578_zpsttmw3rvt.jpg

 photo IMG_1580_zpsiqhjpb6p.jpg

 photo IMG_1582_zpstkrar11x.jpg

 photo IMG_1572_zpsn3x34rtz.jpg

 photo IMG_1573_zpstjb1jpuw.jpg

 photo IMG_1574_zpso8e7ewwm.jpg

 photo IMG_1577_zps8frn3rzx.jpg
*size comparison to other full size foundation brushes*

Monday, February 23, 2015

Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm REVIEW, SWATCH

 photo IMG_1730_zpsofswhjv5.jpg

Neutrogena Revitalizing lip balm gives life to dry and dull lips. It promises to make lips softer, rosier,  healthy looking and improve it's appearance in just one week. It is currently one of my favorite lip balms. I was hooked the first time I used it. The texture feels a tad bit thicker than a regular lip balm because it's heavily tinted, but I don't mind. It did a great job in keeping my lips soft and smooth. I used it everyday for an entire week, and noticed and felt a difference. My lips are not fuller as the product promised, but it's softer. Even El Hubby notice, so that's a good sign!

It comes in six shades. I have the shade "healthy flush" , a soft pink with a glossy and almost a shimmery finish. You can see in the photo below that it has fine little shimmers in it. I really like it. The heavily tinted so it's like a balm and a lip color/lip gloss in one. Saves me so much time when I do my makeup.

You can findit at your local drugstores for $8.99 or less. I know, that's pretty steep for a lip balm, but I promise you'll like it. And, you can always catch a sale at the drugstore.

 photo IMG_1731_zpsh1xrwu4e.jpg

 photo IMG_1732_zpszrapgtu4.jpg

See how it looks on my lips. I wore it on my 30th birthday. My lips are pigmented and the lip balm was opaque enough to cover my lips in one application.

 photo 20150207_104015_zpsw9btdr4q.jpg

I highly recommend it if you want the benefit of a lip balm with color. Skip if you prefer clear lip balms.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wet n Wild Megaslicks BalmStain *Review/Swatches* Spring 2015

 photo IMG_1542_zps29b20fea.jpg

Love, love, love these!

These are the newest shades of the Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain moisturizing lip colours for Srping 2015. I love them because they are 2 in 1. It's a lip balm and a lip stain. See my review, swatches of the older shades HERE  They are moisturizing. I find them more moisturizing than the older shades. It has acai palm oil and subtle minty sensation.  I don't really need to apply a lip balm prior application. The texture is buttery and glides on smooth like a lip balm. They are pigmented. One application gives a medium coverage with a slight glossy finish. The color stays on for a good 2-3 hours for me with eating and drinking, but once the color fades, it leaves a subtle stain on my lips. 

I find them easy to apply. The point tip helps me stay on my lips and I don't really have to be precise. I do one quick swipe and rub my lips together and I'm done. My only complaint is the packaging. I have to be careful when opening and closing the top. I keep nicking the product. You can find them at your local drugstores for only $2.99

 photo IMG_7058_zpsf261d82e.jpg

 photo IMG_7056_zpsa1c2d418.jpg

 photo IMG_1522_zps2c83fe8b.jpg

 photo IMG_1526_zpsc65f2fab.jpg

 photo IMG_1525_zpsc0b1a8c3.jpg

Let's check out the shades. They have really fun names!

  • 158A See If I Carrot- an orange shade. It's so appropriate for Spring. 
  • 159A Coral of the Story- a pinky coral shade. 
  • 160A Red-ioactive- a pinkish-red shade. A great shade for people who are afraid to rock red lips. It's not too bright.
  • 161A Made You Pink - a pinky-purple shade. A wearable pink shade for day time. 
  • 162A Truffle in Paradise- a brownish-reddish shade. Reminds me so much of the 90's and not Spring. I still like it

 photo IMG_7067_zpsd5f4141f.jpg

 photo IMG_1729_zpsxwqxtjlm.jpg

Overall, awesome product. Great value and quality. You will be pleased!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ped Egg! *BEFORE and AFTER* photos (gross!)

*WARNING: Gruesome photos of my nasty foot*

 photo IMG_1718_zpsjfsthzhd.jpg

PED EGG!!! First seen at an infomercial a years ago and now it is part of my life. El Hubby, who was my boyfriend gave me one for Christmas as a joke. Little did he know I needed it bad. My feet gets the least love in my body. I don't really pay attention to it unless I need to cut my toe nails. Through out the year, it gets dry and even cracked and calloused at times, especially the sole area. The Ped Egg does a great job smoothing out my feet without hurting it. It's not a permanent solution or cure to dry feet, but it's good enough for someone like me who is lazy to moisturize the feet O_o.

WHAT: Is the "Ultimate Food File" according to the brand. An egg-shaped food file that "Gently removes callous and dry skin for smooth, beautiful feet".  

WHERE: The original Ped Egg can still be purchased at Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walgreens, Ross and other stores.

PRICE: $6.99- 10.00

 photo IMG_1719_zpswbgce5o2.jpg
"The unique "egg" shape of the PedEgg not only looks great, but is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hands for easy and convenient use" (source:

It looks like a wireless mouse ^_^

 photo IMG_1720_zpsrjraoihc.jpg
*The top compartment that catches all the shavings*

 photo IMG_1723_zpsdpgs1a5t.jpg
*Finishing pad on the bottom*

 photo IMG_1724_zpsfjkyvq4x.jpg

*Comes apart in 3. You have the cover/top compartment, the micro file and the bottom piece with the  finishing pad*

 photo IMG_6862_zps4sqyvigt.jpg

 photo IMG_6831_zpssne2eppd.jpg
*foot flakes/powder..ugghh gross!*

I always use it in the bathroom. I like to either sit on the toilet or edge of the tub with my leg cross (crotch open) and foot over a small trash can to catch the excess loose foot flakes or dust. Foot powder/flakes still flies away.

I hold the PedEgg by the palm of my hand. I gently scrape back and forth across the rough patches of my foot until I visibly see the rough patches disappear. Then I  use the finishing pad to smooth it out (this part tickles my feet ^_^). I wash my feet, dry them and finish with a foot lotion to moisturize.

Make sure your feet are dry before use. Never use it on wet or lotioned or moisturized feet or it will tear the skin. Be careful not to over do it or else it will hurt to walk. Always clean the PedEgg after use. Throw away the foot flakes/powder in the trash can and clean it, especially the scraper with a soft dry cloth. 

 photo christmas1_zpsghvvfkfi.jpg

*Before and After*

 photo christmas2_zpsnwxkivpv.jpg

Have you guys used the PedEgg before?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wet n Wild Coverall Primer *Review*

 photo IMG_1510_zpsyjchwdsv.jpg

BRAND: Wet n Wild Beauty

NAME: Coverall Primer "Partners in Prime"


"Magic Potion"
  • Made with white sapphire to provide a crystal complexion for ulta-vibrant color
  • Helps makeup last all day
  • Prevents caking, creasing and smudging
  • Minimizes pored, refine fine lines, brightens complexion and evens skin tone.
INGREDIENTS: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Isododecane, Ethylene/Acrylic Acid Copolymer, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Butylene Glycol, Decyl Glucoside, Polysilicone-11, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Caprylyl Glycol, Chlorphenesin, Alumina, Hexylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

AMOUNT: 0.84 fl. oz. /25ml

PRICE: $4.99


 photo IMG_1512_zps7mgtxu6q.jpg
*In comparison to Fergie BB Cream and Coverall cream foundation*

 photo IMG_1513_zpsqnutjdxe.jpg

 photo IMG_1515_zpstrae21qy.jpg
*Swatch of Coverall Primer*

Wet n Wild Coverall Primer is the newest addition to the Coverall line. I have used it 3x and I really like it. I like the texture. It's like a cross between a silicone primer/creamy moisturizer. It easily gets absorbed into the skin and dries to a matte finish. It makes my skin smooth, but not slippery like a silicone primer, which allows my liquid foundation to blend and stick onto my face better. It helps with the longevity of my foundation.

However, as the product promised, it really didn't minimize my pores and even out my skin tone. I have large pores around my cheek area and I didn't notice any difference. The white sapphire in the ingredients sounds pretty cool, but didn't do anything for me. My skin did not appear brighter and it looked the same. But then again, most primers, high-end or low end, makes that promise anyway. 

I still recommend it. It is worth checking out! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

N.Y.C. New York Color Ultra Last Lipstick *REVIEW and SWATCHES*

 photo christmas6_zpsit6lvvu3.jpg

BRAND: N.Y.C. New York City Colors
NAME: Ultra Last Lipsticks
PRICE: $0.99-1.99
AVAILABILITY: Drugstores and online.

An oldie, but a goodie! These N.Y.C. New York City Ultra Last lipsticks has been in my collection for awhile. I am not sure if they are discontinued, but I still see them at some of my local drugstores and and The Dollar store, so I still decided to make this review and swatches for you guys.

 They are one of the best drugstore lipstick in my opinion! I love the formula and pigmentation. It is rich, creamy, smooth and comfortable on the lips. They are true to color and opaque with medium to full coverage. One application is all I need. Most shades have a shimmer and shiny finish, which I  don't mind because I don't need to apply a lip gloss over them. 

However, I am not a fan of the packaging. The lipstick does not twist all the way down. I have to be careful not to nick the lipstick every time I open and close it ugh. Also, touch ups is needed. For me, they last about 3-4 hours especially with eating and drinking, but that's not really a big deal to me. For the price, they are still amazing! 

Overall, they are a great product. The bad packaging is overlooked by the formula, texture, gorgeous shades and affordable price. They will be forever one of my favorite lipsticks!

 photo IMG_1648_zpsd1ziooei.jpg

*Just a note, 4 of the lipsticks has a different placement of the N.Y.C. logo. I am not sure if they are part of the Ultra Last Line. But let's just assume they are since the packaging is the same ^_^. Thank you!*

 photo IMG_1652_zpsc7rqmyaf.jpg

 photo IMG_1655_zpsd68i4wn6.jpg

 photo IMG_1660_zpsbhwcf8jq.jpg

 photo IMG_1684_zpskih9fdbh.jpg photo IMG_1686_zpsfcmtjurz.jpg photo IMG_1687_zpsrzks6mjz.jpg
 photo IMG_1688_zpskwln02qv.jpg photo IMG_1689_zpsztrtsxdc.jpg photo IMG_1690_zps8ng8uqlv.jpg
 photo IMG_1691_zpsysbrh2t2.jpg photo IMG_1693_zpsmpxorm9y.jpg photo IMG_1695_zpskrylxocz.jpg

 photo IMG_1664_zps7jqxaxvl.jpg

 photo IMG_1665_zpsri0cnuvs.jpg

 photo IMG_1670_zpsckzzylgn.jpg

 photo IMG_1700_zpsgyhklff4.jpg photo IMG_1701_zpsl9vegpih.jpg photo IMG_1702_zpsc9pgmbaz.jpg
 photo IMG_1705_zps9ektejhr.jpg photo IMG_1708_zpsm2vvjcms.jpg photo IMG_1709_zps13eqvt2m.jpg
 photo IMG_1711_zpszv1f51lc.jpg photo IMG_1713_zpsz3eef0nn.jpg

I hope these swatches are helpful!