Wednesday, April 29, 2009

EOTN Blue and Purple using NYX

Hello ladies, I'm back with another EOTN (Eye of the Night). I thought 
this blue and purple look would be perfect for any occasion whether It'll be for prom, home coming dance or a night out with your girls or the bf. I mostly used NYX products and a couple of things from MAC. All the products i used could be substituted with similar colors you already have :)


1. Mac Painterly paint pot as a base all over the lids to brow bone.
2. Apply NYX jumbo pencil in Oyster on the lids and blend well to prevent creasing.

3. Apply NYX e/s in Platinum Pink on the inner corners of the eyes.

4. Pat on NYX e/s in Luxor ( a light purple color) on top of Oyster. Make a shape like the one on the photo above.


5. Apply NYX e/s in Atlantic on the outer V and brush lightly on the crease.

6. Add a tad of Mac e/s in Sketch on the outer V to add a little depth. Blend the colors together.

7. Apply NYX e/s in Platinum Pink as higlight and blend it down to the eyeshadows. Make sure theres no harsh lines ;)


8. Apply the same colors on the lower lashline.

9. Apply your favorite, black liner on the upper and lower lashline. Curl your lashes. Apply mascara and add falsies (optional) for a dramatic effect.


I know it is not perfect but i hope you still enjoy the look :) Have a good one!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

My very first successful makeup application

If you've been following my blog, then you know that I just started with makeup last year. Yeah, I was a late bloomer! My curiosity started after I graduated from college. I was looking at old high school and college pics and realized I looked horrible in most of them. I mean, I did wear a little bit of makeup but it was applied on the wrong places and I just looked weird and funky haha! So I wanted to learn hot to apply makeup really bad. One day, I went to the drugstore, bought the cheapest eye shadow palette I found (Rimmel London quad). I tried it, watched a bunch of youtube makeup tutorials for hours, days and nights and finally learned how to apply it the right way. It took me forever to learn and I had to practice a bajillion time to get it right. But, it was all worth it.

So here is a photo of my very first successful makeup application...well at least I thought lol. This was taken last year of 08' when I went out on a date with Kiko. Believe me, I've had too many makeup looks gone wrong and this was the first look I ever did that looked right lol. I mean, it felt right and my eyes didn't look funky or crazy.


I used my Urban Decay Ammo eye shadow palette to create this look. I used the shimmery black shadow, Oil Slick and brushed it on my crease and a light pink shadow, Last Call all over my lids. For the highlight, I used Mac's shadow in Shroom.

 As you can see, the colors were applied very subtle because it wore it during the daytime. Also, this was the very first time I felt like I got a little better on contouring my eyes. I don't have a defined crease so it's always been a challenge to do this step.

 On my face I wore a loose mineral foundation from Sheer Cover and Mac's Melba blush. It's a matte peachy pink shade which is great for everyday use because it gives me a natural flush on my cheeks. For my lips, I used a nude lip liner to erase the dark lines around my lips and topped it with Neutrogena Soothing Lip Sheer in Sparkling Nude.

I'm proud of myself and, I see a big difference from how my makeup look then and now. Its always cool to look back on photos like these :)
I want to get better and be really good with makeup. I am considering freelance in the future. I have only been practicing on myself and I need to start using my friends as guinea pigs. So, for those of you who just started, just keep going. Be very patient because it takes time to get better at something. Most important, have fun with it. Its makeup and the possibilities are endless.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Free time = EOTN Apple Green and Black and Blue?

I had some free time so I decided to play with makeup lol. I remembered a look Risa did and I wanted to re-create it. It didn't come out anything like it (because I suck!) and I didn't even use the same colors she used lol. But I still like it because it still cam out pretty! By the way, Risa is my new favorite makeup guru on youtube. She's a makeup artist and she's really good with makeup! I'm learning so much from her tutorials. Go subscribe to her youtube channel!

I used a matte black, shimmery apple green, and matte light blue eye shadows using my 120 Manly palette I got from ebay. I use this palette all the time whenever I experiment with my eye makeup because it has all the colors I need. It's not the best eye makeup ever but I still hope you like it.

I used false lashes to add some drama. They're from the 99cents store!

The lighting on this one is better as you can see the apple green a little more.

The light blue was brushed over the natural crease. It seriously got lost when I applied black on the crease and blended the two. I should've used a brighter blue huh?

I was only playing with eye shadows so I didn't bother to put makeup on the rest of my face so don't get scared lol. I'm so silly!

Thanks for reading this lame post lol.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

UFC night and EOTN black and bronze

I got to watch the UFC (Ultimate Fighthing Championship) fight with Kiko and his family last night on PPV. I'm not a big fan, but i'll watch it anytime with Kiko because I like seeing him get pumped over 2 guys wrestling and hurting each other...funny. Anyway, I couldn't remember the fighters name or who won, who lost, who go injured and what not. But, I do remember having fun while talking to his sister Fly and eating a lot of pepperoni and pineapple pizza ^_^

So here was my EOTN or EyeOfTheNight that I wore last night. I used a black and bronze eye shadows using my Urban Decay Ammo palette and Jesse's girl Color my World in Earthtone to create a smoky black eye makeup.




liquid foundation and powder as base
Avon color trend eye liner in black (smudged all over the lid)
Urban Decay Oil slick, a shimmery black e/s(patted over the smudged liner)
Jesse's Girl Color my World in Earthtone( Brushed over the crease to get rid of harshline and to create a faded effect. Also sweep under the eyes)
Revlon fabulash mascara
Nars in Night Star (for highlight. Its a sheer peach with gold speks)

Nars in Orgasm

Prestige lip liner in nude
Carmex lip balm

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I'm using my old Canon digital camera lol. It's a good camera but it sometimes makes me look washed out in photos.

Here is my baby kos and I. I dont know why he made that face :/

What did you guys do this weekend?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Smokey Brown Eyes (for night time)

I was very much into brown eye shadows at one point where I used it almost every single day for my eye makeup. I used it to smoke out any color instead of the usual black or I simply wore it by itself and an eye liner and I was out the door. I even used it for smoky eyes for night time.

The photo below is an example of how I would wear a smoky brown eye makeup. It's not too dark but still dramatic for night time. I actually wore it for my friend's birthday party at The Kress club in Hollywood last week.

To create the look:
 -I first prepped my eye lids with Udpp (urban decay primer potion) to prevent the colors from creasing.
-Then, I applied a shimmery light pink all over the lids up to the brow bone.
- Using a blending brush or a fluffy crease brush, I applied a shimmery taupe e/s above my natural crease doing a wind shield wiper motion. This would create a faded effect (make sure its well blended and apply with a light hand).
- I intensified the crease with a dark brown matte e/s with a tad of a plum e/s (Mac Sketch).
-Lastly, I used a blending brush to blend all the colors together.

Chanel Winter Nights quad in shimmery taupe
Chanel Winter Nights quad in shimmery light pink
Mac Sketch (plum color)
Mac Spiced Chocolate
Almay liquid eyeliner
Urban Decay 24/7 in zero
Maybelline Define a Lash mascara

Nars in Orgasm
Sugar in bronze
NYC Sun 2 Sun

Prestige lip liner in nude
NYX Round lipstick in Rea
Mac lipglass in C-thru

Photos from last night


...while waiting in line for the restroom
The girl with the drink is the bday girl Joana.

with my good friend from college, Maria :)

The camera loves us ;P

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Friday, April 10, 2009

EOTN using Urban Decay Ammo Palette

Hey ladies!! I hope everyone had a good Friday. I know i did :) After work, I met up with some friends at a bar/restaurant at Hermosa Beach Ca. for some grubbin'. The bar was literally next to the beach so it was really nice. All the girls brought their bfs except for me :( My bf had to work so he couldn't make it. On the other hand I still had a chill time. I got to meet new friends we stuffed out faces with Turkey burgers!

Karina, Me, Mon and Amy. Amy is pregnant and you cant even tell in person. She was too cute. It was so much fun getting to know her.
I used my only eye shadow palette, the Urban Cecay Ammo Palette. It's an awesome palette because you have a lot of colors to choose from.


I did a smokey black and purple-y burgundy eyes


eye shadows:
Urban Decay e/s in  Last Call all over the lids and a little above the crease.
Urban Decay e/s in Oil Slick on the crease and blended with Last Call.
Mac e/s Yogurt on the brow bone for high light

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ross Mini Haul :)

Hey ladies, I'd like to share some beauty related things I  picked up from my local Ross last week. In case you didn't know, Ross is a discount department store here in the U.S. They sell brand name clothes and other things like home goods, toys and even beauty supplies for a really cheap price. I always find something cool whenever I go.

So the stuff that I got are:
2 Stila lip pots, Sugar glamazon eye palette, Sugar lip palette and Evian nourishing lotion.

Stila lip pot in Mure (plum color) and Fraise (peachy orangey).
The color looks bright and scary in the pot but it's sheer once you apply it on the lips. It used to retail for $17.00 but I got it for only $3 each.

Sugar Perfect 10 lip gloss palette. This lip gloss palette is super fun! You get 10 beautiful shades to play wit and it's compact so it can fit your purse and take it with you wherever you go . The shades from left to right are Pink with gold shimmer; Wine with gold shimmer; Peach shimmer; Warm pink with iridescent shimmer; Sheer dark pink; Warm lavender shimmer; Rasberry shimmer; Pale pink; Mauve shimmer; Wine. These shades are sheer so don't be scared if it looks to bright in the palette. This retails for $24.00 but i got it for $1.99. What a steal!

Sugar Glamazon eye palette. It comes with 5 glitter colors in blue, purple (its just washed out), blue green, mint green and gold with black and brown. The colors looks better in the palette than in person. It was difficult to swatch these on the skin and it was very sticky, not creamy. This use to retail for $12.00 but i got it for $1.99

I need some tips on how to adjust my camera for a better swatch photo :(

Evian Affinity Original Nourishing lotion. Dry to very dry skin.
I never knew Evian has a line of skin care. It's supposed to be a good everyday moisturizer if you have really dry skin. I have oily skin so I don't think I'll be using this. Maybe I'll give it to my mom because she has dry skin. I'm not sure how much it retails but i got if for $3.99!!

So that's it for my tiny Ross haul. Thank you so much for stopping by and I'll see you in my next post.