Sunday, April 19, 2009

UFC night and EOTN black and bronze

I got to watch the UFC (Ultimate Fighthing Championship) fight with Kiko and his family last night on PPV. I'm not a big fan, but i'll watch it anytime with Kiko because I like seeing him get pumped over 2 guys wrestling and hurting each other...funny. Anyway, I couldn't remember the fighters name or who won, who lost, who go injured and what not. But, I do remember having fun while talking to his sister Fly and eating a lot of pepperoni and pineapple pizza ^_^

So here was my EOTN or EyeOfTheNight that I wore last night. I used a black and bronze eye shadows using my Urban Decay Ammo palette and Jesse's girl Color my World in Earthtone to create a smoky black eye makeup.




liquid foundation and powder as base
Avon color trend eye liner in black (smudged all over the lid)
Urban Decay Oil slick, a shimmery black e/s(patted over the smudged liner)
Jesse's Girl Color my World in Earthtone( Brushed over the crease to get rid of harshline and to create a faded effect. Also sweep under the eyes)
Revlon fabulash mascara
Nars in Night Star (for highlight. Its a sheer peach with gold speks)

Nars in Orgasm

Prestige lip liner in nude
Carmex lip balm

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I'm using my old Canon digital camera lol. It's a good camera but it sometimes makes me look washed out in photos.

Here is my baby kos and I. I dont know why he made that face :/

What did you guys do this weekend?


  1. Awh, this is such a gorgeous gorgeous look on you!

  2. hey girl nice to see someone doing some looks!
    keep it up!

    oh hell no this song always gets in my head!! haha dont u want me babayy!!

    i like it tho =]

    and congrats to ur man graduating po po academy
    must be hotttt 2 have ur bf all in uniform hha
    mine thought about bein a cop at one point.
    its a scary thought tho.
    I think i'd have more to worry if he wanted to go out for LAPD oh lord..
    yeah thanks for comin by my blog =]

  3. wut a nice smokey look!! and ur very pretty!! wuts ur ethnicity i cant tell at all!

  4. crazy! yeah some women just aren't tough mentally. i think if u are strong mentally, you can achieve so much.

    oh and im not sure if you misunderstood me or not. lol
    if you did, i meant my boyfriend considered being a police officer not me.

    i'll be lookin forward to more postings from you =]

  5. hey there lil sis (since u call me ate, which i dont mind at all) ur makeup here looks sexxxay! and yeah that thai massage is really instense as it looks but i really want my bf to experience it since i know they'll give him a good one cuz i suck at givin massages =)

  6. hey girl thanks for following! i love your fotd... its a perfect smokey look, & not overly done =] u looks so gorgeousss! =]

  7. WOW you are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your eyes they are sexy as!

  8. Hey Hun! Yeees! I finally got that damn palette. And oh how I love it soooo. I agree with it being extremely glittery but whatever I still love it. I think the next time I use it I'm going to use a tissue or something under my eye. LOL! Anyways love the FOTD you are gorgeous!!!! xoxo

  9. honey u are gorgeous!! i love this smokey look on you!!

    and thank you for checking out my blog!!

    xoxo and spanks*
    katrina m

  10. hun, you're really good at makeup! I remember seeing somewhere that you just started out! pretty!

  11. Awww you look GORGEOUS! You're so good at make up!