Monday, May 25, 2009

Contest Entry. Disney Inspired Look


Yes. Its the voluptuous and fabulous Ursula from The Little Mermaid. She was my inspiration for the look I did for the ever so gorgeous Sarah's Disney Inspired look contest. I did not want to do any princess looks for I wanted to challenge myself in creating a look out of my ordinary. I tried to do the red lips, dark eye shadows and mole on her face. I had so much fun doing this and my dog was staring at me the whole time :)


Outside with natural light

To be honest, this look kinda scared me. Its more dark and bold in real life. It could have been more polished. It looked kinda sloppy to me :/ Go ahead and tell me your honest opinions.


Inside with flash from the camera

I used grayish blue, black, shimmery white and purple eye shadows. The colors are applied wet to show its intensity.





120 Manly Palette
UDPP as a primer
Almay concealer as a base
Define A Lash mascara in black
Urban Decay Oil Slick
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Creme false lashes in 46

Sheer Cover loose mineral foundation in Almond
Almay concealer in medium
NYX blush in Terra Cotta
Sugar Bronzer for contour

Wet and Wild lip liner in Willow
NYX r/l in Chaos and Eros
Bonebelle clear lip gloss



Good luck to all the ladies who entered :)

Tag : Where I blog

I was tagged by Vanessa
and Pop Champagne
to take a picture of where I blog. This is another fun tag :)

Nothing too special about where I blog, You see a computer desk, desk top, small lamp, we cam, cable car, random crap on the desk and of course a black duct tape lol. I don't know why its there :/

Once you are tagged, post a picture of where you blog.
Feel free to tell us a little about your space.
Tag five other blogger to show their blogspots.
If you are tagged and do not participate, you will become allergic to cabbage.

What are you wearing right now?
Its 9am and Im still on my PJs

What's the last thing you read/are currently reading?
Ms. Pop Chamoagne's Blog

Do you nap a lot?
Sadly I so and I do it a lot. My bf makes fun of me for napping a lot. I always miss his phone calls because I nap all the time.
Who was the last person you hugged?
my dog

What's your current obsession/addiction?

blogspot and lip sticks

What's for dinner?
I skip dinners.

What was the last thing you bought?
A movie ticket for a Japanese comedy
What are you listening to right now?
My mom talking

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
What is your favourite weather, and why?
cloudy...its not too cold and not too hot.
What time do you usually get up?

Say something to the person who tagged you:
Ms. Pop Champagne is an awesome person. I don't know her personally but she's hot, sweet, nice, hilarious and most importantly, shes always keeping it real :)
Ms. Vanessa is a wifey and a super mom. Also, she does a lot of beautiful looks on her blog.

If you could have a house- totally paid for, fully furnished- anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be?
Torrance or San Pedro California

Favourite vacation spot?
What is your favourite item of clothing?
skinny jeans

Favourite pair of shoes you keep going back to over and over, even though your closet is overflowing with a zillion others?
LoL my Ed Hardy shoes. Its worn out.
Name one thing you cannot live without.
I feel disabled without my cellphone.
What time is bed time?
If you could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning, where would it be?
I guess still on my bed right?

I tag
1. Melissa
3. Barbie
4. Ying

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Contest Entry. Shoe inspired look.

The gorgeous Rubey of Me, Myself and Makeup is holding a makeup contest to create a  look inspired by your favorite pair of shoes. I thought the concept is pretty awesome, so I quickly grabbed my overused pair of shoes and eye shadow palette and started with the look.

The Inspiration

These are my favorite and worn out Ed Hardly shoes. I wear these bad boys almost every day to work. It never match my clothes but I still wear them because they are sooo comfortable. I just dont care like that lol...

I created a look with my 120 Manly eye shadow palette that I got from ebay. I used a red orange all over the lids and a black and blue shadows on the crease.





120 Manly palette from ebay
Concealer as a base for the lids
Maybelline Define A Lash mascara in black
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in zero

Sheer Cover loose mineral foundation in Almond
Mac blush in Melba
Sugar bronzer for contour
NYC Sun 2 Sun for highlight
Wet and Wild liner in darkbrown for brows

Wet and Wild lip liner in Willow
NYX r/l in Herades
Bonebelle lipgloss in clear


I suggest that you grab your favorite pair of shoes and enter her contest too! It ends June 4th. You still have time.

Good luck ladies!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My 10 minutes FOTD. Neutral and Pink lips

This was the look I wore when I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with my friends last night. It was last minute when my friends called me to hang out. At first, I didn't want to go because it takes me forever to get ready and, I don't like to rush whenever I do my makeup. But I quickly changed my mind and threw a simple outfit and did my makeup really fast. For my makeup, I did a simple neutral eyes using browns and flesh tone colors and nude pink on the lips. I was able to do my whole face in 10 minutes and it looked pretty good.






Clinique moisture surge
Sheer Cover loose mineral foundation in Almond
Sugar bronzer to contour the face
Mac blush in Melba

Chanel Winter Nights quad
Mac Spiced Chocolate quad in Nano gold and Spiced Chocolate
Almay liquid liner in black
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero
Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara

Wet and Wild lip liner in Willow
NYX r/l in Thalia
Bonebelle clear lip gloss

Thank you for stopping by and, I hope everyone is having a great long weekend :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TAGs and AWARDs : Thanks Ladies!

I almost forgot about these tags and awards. Thanks to all the ladies for remembering me. You ladies makes blogging so much fun.
I was tagged by:

1. Kristine go check her out. She does nail art and they are hot. Shes also very nice and pretty.
2. Kim She makes awesome e/s swatches. Check her out.
3. April She has makeup tutorials and they are great and very easy to follow.
4. Danica I think she has the prettiest name. She does all kinds of looks and they are pretty.
5. Shes like a living doll. Shes a makeup artist and her looks are gorgeous and amazing. She makes video tutorials too.
6. Sassy Her name is so cool. You'll enjoy her blog. She talks about fashion, makeup, hauls and etc.

7. Ms. Cocopops This girl is Thai and a Boricua. What a hot mixture. Go follow her blog :)
8. Tamara She makes good review of beauty related products and check her collection of lime crime eye shadows.

Terms & Conditions For the Award Recipient:
1. Paste the Award Logo in your blog.
2. Give out the award to 10 Blogs that you feels the most inspired and most friendly.
3. Make sure u back linked the recipients' blogs to your blog.
4. Inform the recipients about the award by leaving them comments on their blog
5. Give some love to the person who gave you this award.

Another award...

I was tagged by:

2. Shantee The looks she does are so pretty. She just made a Nicole from PCD inspired look and its gorgeous. Check her out.

3. Rochelle Shes a mom and a wife and, shes a hottie. I just love her sense her style and I envy her tiny waist lol.

The rules are:
1. Take your award here.
2. Put the logo on your post.
3. Link the person who awarded you.
4. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers.
5. Add the links of those bloggers on yours.
6. Leave a message for your nominees.

I tag

You ladies can do either one or both :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Contest Entry : Wearable Purple look for Naomie.

I really enjoyed doing Naomie's contest. It was very easy. All you I had to do was create a wearable purple makeup look. I had the option to be creative and do my own thing long as purples are visible on the eye makeup...easy right?

Naomie's Rules:
1. You have to be a follower.
2. You have to have a blog.
3. Take a picture of products you used and list them.
4. Take three pictures of your final look, one looking down so I can see your eye makeup, one looking straight, another one with whatever pose/face you If you are inspired by something or someone, please send me the inspiration picture as well.
5. Post your entry on your blog and send it to me via e-mail( When you e-mail me, please include your blog URL so I know who you are.
6. Dead line is 5/25/09

Initially, I was going to do a neutral look with a hint of purple but I eneded up doing a smokey brown and dark purple eye makeup with light purple lips. I've never done this look before and I didn't think purple eyes and purple lips would work but it did and I love it! It's a great makeup for night time because it's bold and dramatic. I hope she likes it  *fingers crossed*








120 Manly palete
Mac Spiced Chocolate quad in Nano Gold and Spiced Chocolate
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Define A Lash mascara by Maybeline
Almay liquid liner in black

Sheer Cover loose foundation in Almond
Almay concealer
Sugar bronzer
Maybelline blush in Gentle Rose

NYX r/l in Lala
Bonebelle lip gloss in clear.


I had fun doing this contest and I encourage everyone to join too!!!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Easiest Contest Ever UPDATE!!!

necklaces from Express and JC Penny
3 cute earring from Casual Corner
1 funky earring from Mariposa
Handmade bangle bracelet
3 cute rubber bands

Wow. I just felt 2 earth quakes as I was doing this post. Ayayaay! The fist one was about 30 sec. Yes I counted. The second one was 2-3 seconds. It was scaaarry. I checked on my grandma right away to see is she was okay. Luckily, she didnt really feel anything but she wondered why the blinds were moving lol.

Anyway, lets move on! The photo above is the prices for my contest. My favorite one is the bangle bracelet. Its handmade from India. These are all brand new and never used items. Also, I chose not to give away makeup coz you guys probably have a lot already.

what u need to do:
1. Do a post on your blog about one product you consider your HG (Holy Grail)
2. Provide a photo. 1 or 2 should be enough
3. Give a brief description of the product
4. Tell us why you love it so much
5. Comment on this post when you have done it so I can see it :)

You must be a follower or else I would not accept your entry. Oh and it would be nice if you link my contest to your post :)

It is super easy right? So anyone can join. You could be in anywhere in the world to join this contest. Its May 17, 2009 today and the deadline is May 31st, 2009. I think 2 weeks should be enough time. I'll pick the winner by random.

Thats all folks!! I hope you guys have fun doing this contest :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Contest Entry for Rai's Celeb inspired neautral/smokey look

 The beautiful Rai is holding a contest to do a celebrity inspired neutral/smokey look. I'm exciting because this is going to be my very first contest entry. For my entry, I decided to do a Nicole Scherzinger makeup look from the Pussy Cat Dolls. Most of the time, I see her with dark smoky eyes, nude lips and a contoured face.

My Inspiration
I found this photo on google. Gosh, she's so skinny. I envy her!








120 Manly palette
Mac Spiced Chocolate
Mac Nano Gold
Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero
Creme' false lashes in 46

Clinique Moisture Surge
Mac Prep and Prime
Mac Studio Fix Nc42
Sheer Cover loose powder medium tan
Nars Orgasm blush
Joey NY Thrill
Sugar bronzer

Mac Velvet Teddy
Wet and Wild lip liner Willow
Mac lustre glass in Love Nectar

I wore this look to the movies with the bf and got a lot of stares from people. I had too much makeup on haha!

Good luck to all the ladies who entered Rai's contest

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Easiest Contest EVER!!

Yeah you heard me...I am holding the easiest contest you'll ever do! I have reached over 100 followers and I couldnt be more excited about it. I have met so many lovely ladies and thank you much for following and supporting my blog. I love how a lot of us support each other by visiting each other's blogs and commenting and giving nice compliments and encouragement. It only proves that we are not all haters lol. Anyway, I will have to explain the details in another post after I finish gathering all the fabulous goodies. So spread the word!!!
A necklace from Express and cute earrings from Casual Corner. These are all brand new and never used. There will be more to come ;P

I still have some more post to do. Ive got clothing haul and tags from many lovely ladies. Im not ignoring them. I know who you guys are. Thank you for the tags. I feel really honored. I promise to do them soon when i have more time in my hands.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The coolest TAG ever!!

I just got back from work and, the first thing I did was turned on my desktop to check my blogspot. HA! I was tagged by by Mimi of Beauty is Androgynous. I feel very honored ^_^ This tag is very cool and original.
RULES: Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play.
So yeah I snapped a photo right in front of my computer with my camera. Like what i mentioned, I just got home from work. Ew! My face is soooo oily lol. I only have loose face powder which faded already and a black eye liner. Oh well!! I dont care lol
So I tag...