Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Easiest Contest Ever UPDATE!!!

necklaces from Express and JC Penny
3 cute earring from Casual Corner
1 funky earring from Mariposa
Handmade bangle bracelet
3 cute rubber bands

Wow. I just felt 2 earth quakes as I was doing this post. Ayayaay! The fist one was about 30 sec. Yes I counted. The second one was 2-3 seconds. It was scaaarry. I checked on my grandma right away to see is she was okay. Luckily, she didnt really feel anything but she wondered why the blinds were moving lol.

Anyway, lets move on! The photo above is the prices for my contest. My favorite one is the bangle bracelet. Its handmade from India. These are all brand new and never used items. Also, I chose not to give away makeup coz you guys probably have a lot already.

what u need to do:
1. Do a post on your blog about one product you consider your HG (Holy Grail)
2. Provide a photo. 1 or 2 should be enough
3. Give a brief description of the product
4. Tell us why you love it so much
5. Comment on this post when you have done it so I can see it :)

You must be a follower or else I would not accept your entry. Oh and it would be nice if you link my contest to your post :)

It is super easy right? So anyone can join. You could be in anywhere in the world to join this contest. Its May 17, 2009 today and the deadline is May 31st, 2009. I think 2 weeks should be enough time. I'll pick the winner by random.

Thats all folks!! I hope you guys have fun doing this contest :)


  1. Ooooh! :) Easy! I'm going to trrrrry!

  2. love your taste in music. I love this type of music.

  3. just found your blog and I am loving it!!! Come stop by mine and say hello and check it out. hope to see you around!
    x belle

  4. aww your so sweet!
    thanx for the lovely comment! :)

  5. I am definitely going to enter this contest. Love the prizes too! Sorry to hear about the earthquake.

  6. Ooooh wow what a fun contest!!! Count me in too :)

  7. lol i would enter, but i'm not much of a makeup person haha.

  8. I heard about the earthquake in twitter by Miley Cyrus LoL* that it was 5.0. but still I'm glad to hear that everyone is okay. God bless. Take care.

  9. hey hun jux wanna let u kno i gave u an award =]

  10. Hey girl,
    Nice contest. I wanted to let u know I tagged u on my blog. =)

  11. hey girlie!! here is my post! =]

    thank uuuu =]

  12. Hello :)

    New Follower & New contest entry ^__^

  13. HEY hun, ah earthquakes are sooo scary, i was in El Salvador last year and it was around 6AM when all of a sudden everything just started shaking I was beyond scared that was my first earthqake experience, they last for so little but they feel like their forever.

    well glad to know you and your grandma are OK :)

    please check out my post at

    I would really love to win all this the gifts are sooo beautiful ♥

  14. count me in !