Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Sweet teen look for America and TAG!

I'm not talking about the country America. I'm referring to my best friend's niece named America. I had the chance to do her makeup last night and, I had so much fun doing it. Her whole family was watching us the whole time. I felt a little uncomfortable but I got over it. Shes 14 years young but in person she looked much older. grow up too fast these days. Anyway, I did not want to do anything too dark and heavy that will take away the youth in her. So I did my best to create a soft look using pink and browns. Also, I liked the fact that she hasn't messed with her eyebrows. I told her not to mess with it yet ;P

I forgot to take a before picture :(


I used a shimmery light pink on her lids and soft brown on her crease and nude pink on her lips.
I thought It turned out nice and, She really liked it. Afterward, she went in her room and took pictures of herself on her cellphone lol. So silly!


She has the longest lashes. Lucky!!!



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  1. pretty!! i'll try this look becky.. :D

  2. wow shes so pretty! i like her lashes!!. very longggg..

  3. She's such a pretty 14 yr old. That makeup look is just right for her and I envy her for her long lashes. =)

  4. I looove the song you put up ;)!
    wow 3 week wait! crazy huh! yeah I have been to a couple of interviews since I graduated last fall and it feels liek I'm going in circles :(
    whats worse is I really felt like I could do so well there :(

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  6. pretty in pink..and what a pretty long lashes! :P

    yeah i have friendster account , you can add me here!

  7. being watched- that's quite unnerving, but the look turned out pretty and simple. just right for her age :) and wow, her lashes look longer than some falsies i've seen. hehe.

  8. Ohh you did a beautiful job!!! Not too heavy at all, just right :) I think young girls try to look too grown up alot too which is sad! I wish I could look 14 again!!!!

    Aww Becky thankyou so much for your kind comment on my blog, I am sure things will get better too!

  9. This is perfect for her! It looks wonderful! I'd feel really uncomfortable with having people watch me do make up. Especially when they are quiet AND watching.

  10. OMG!!! Her lashes are so longg, you could braid 'em!

  11. I wish someone would have told me not to mess with my eyebrows back then. Her makeup looks great. And wow at her lashes! They're so long.

    I've done a little modeling, but I live in Oklahoma so there isn't really much to do throughout the year :(.

  12. Great job! ur got real talent!! I thought u used individual lashes at first.. lol damn i wish i have her lashes!!!