Monday, June 1, 2009

Winner of my Easiest Contest Ever :)

So I did a mini contest giveaway. All you had to do was create a post about a product you consider your holy grail. The beautiful ladies who entered were...

1. Kiki

The Coastal Scents 88 Eyeshadow palette is her holy grail. She loves this product because you get 88 highly pigmented eye shadows for a great bargain. Its very easy to use and the she recommends it to everyone.

2. Karen

She loves Burt's Bees Shampoo and Conditioner. Her hair was damaged from all the heat and chemicals she used and, this product was a life saver. She instantly noticed a big difference after she used the products. Her hair became softer and healthier :)

3. Dana

She swears by the Olay complete all day moisturizer. The lotion prevents her skin from drying out without making the face feel greasy. Its a necessity.

4. Krystal

She raved about how she loves Mac's fix+ because of the versatility of the product. She uses it everyday and shes on her second bottle already.

So how i picked the winner???

I wrote their names on a piece of paper


folded them and placed inside my Elvis cup


I promise I didn't peek


dun dun dun...


and the winner is Ms. Krystal. Sorry I misspelled your name :(
I will contact you very soon in regards to your address :) Congratulations!



  1. Congrats to Krystal!

    I use the same olay moisturizer too!

  2. Considering that this was the easiest contest ever, I'm surprised that more people didn't do a contest entry.

    *snaps fingers* shucks! I had a 25% chance of winning and lost. haha

  3. awww
    congrats to mzkryztall...

  4. oh congrats kystall! more more contest plss! lol

  5. oh yay congrats to Krystal!! She is soooo sweet! I love Burts Bees hehe their chapstick is fantastic!

  6. aw shucks i lost =[
    well lucky krystal =] congratulationss hun

  7. congrats to krystal!
    too bad i didn't get to enter...will do on your next contest. i really like your ed hardy sneakers btw :)

  8. congrats to krystal! haha my grandmother loves that same product too

  9. thanks hun!!! You are just a sweetheart!!! LOL... I should've joined your contest... But seriously I got so freaking confused with all the contests and giveaways that were going on... i am still lost.. and school does not help lol...

  10. Thanx for the lovely comment! your so sweet! :)
    Dont worry i will do some more fotd's look when my eye gets better! :)