Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day Time Smokey eyes using MARK

Smokey eyes doesn't always have to be black all the time. You can use any colors such as a pretty neutral for smokey eyes. I created smokey eyes using a shimmery medium bronze eye shadow. Its perfect for a day time look :)
For the look, I used eye shadows from MARK
Tiki is a medium bronze e/s with glod specs. It has a satin finish. I used it all over my lower lash line and lids, blending it a little over my crease.
Nomadic is a cream e/s with glod specs. I applied it on my brow bown for highlight.
These shadows are really pretty. They are very easy to blend and glides on smoothly. Apply them lighty for a sheer wash or pack on the colors. On the other hand, Nomadic is a bit on the chalky side so I always tap my brush after dipping it in the e/s.
You can purchase them at my e-botique at
Tiki and Nomadic by Mark
Define A Line mascara by Maybelline
Black eye liner by Kleancolor
Black liquid eye liner by Almay
Creme false lashes
Goldern mineral loose foundation by Sheer Cover
Sun Love Glow by MARK
bronzer by Sugar
Willow by Wet and Wild
Mars round lipstick by NYX


  1. I really like your look here....your eyes are so beautiful..:)

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  3. pretty! let your hair down becky I like the first pic natural beauty .. less make up... yan totoong ganda :) e/s suits on your skintone and it really looks pigmented :) agreed!

    sorry i deleted the first comment,may typo-error :P

  4. beautiful looK! looks so natural looking =]

  5. Cute look. I like my to semi smoke out my daily (brown) look :) I'm too scared to use blacks and greys

  6. awww such great look for Monday :) Love it!!! You have gorgeous face

  7. Looking beautiful as always! I like softer smokey looks like this because I can't really pull off a lot of dark eyeshadow for some reason. And I'm so jealous of your hair, it looks so nice and healthy.

  8. Beautiful look.
    I have yet to try the Mark range of makeup.

    Naomi ~

  9. Cute!! Pretty look! Love Mark's Scandalash & On the Edge. How's Mark coming along? Have you tried the face mask? hhhahaha.

  10. Hi Becky!
    Thank you so much for joining my blog! I really appreciate it :)

  11. I love how wearable this look is. I'm gonna start practicing around with different ways to wear browns and neutral e/s.