Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I met celeb makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic ^_^

Hello readers! I hope everyone is doing great. If you ask me, I'm doing fabulous! I had the chance to meet celebrity makeup artist Mario. I saw him shopping with his friend at my local mall (Beverly Center, L.A.)  I was on my way to Pink Berry to get my frozen yogurt fixed when I saw two guys walking in my opposite direction. I thought to myself "holy crap, is that Mario?" I looked back and saw them walk up the escalator. I wasnt really sure if it was him so I continued on to my business. Man, I could not stop thinking what if it was Mario? After I got my Pink Berry, small orginal with blueberries and mangoes, I ran to my purse and got my camera. I went to the top floor at the mall and I had the instinct to enter H&M (a clothing store) right away. All the guys shopping in there looked like each other, I swear lol. Anyway, I looked around and I spotted Mario in one section of the store by himself. At this point, my heat was beating fast. I just took a deep breath and came up to him and said, "Hello, are you Mario?" He smiled and said, "Yes, how do you know me?" Then from there I can't really remember everything I told him but I promise you we had a short conversation. I told him about how i watched his videos with Kim Kardashian and how I have a makeup blog and ummm... thats about what I rememeber LMAO.


Its really a cool feeling when you meet people that you look up to. I just wished I wasnt such a dork. I got so nervous lol. I could have told him, "hey I really love you blog. I cant get enough of your GET THE FACE post. You explain how you do people's makeup in details and, Its super helpful" and etc lol. On the other hand, he was very nice and very good looking too ^_^

Some of his amazing work!!




You can find him here:

You need to read his blog. He's really talented and amazing. You will get hooked, I promise ^_^

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Awesome Giveaway by Carla

Hey readers, I just want to let everyone know about a really cool giveaway by Carla of Shes a beauty Junkee with an awesome blog. Shes one of my favorite bloggers.

Items up for grabs:

2 pair of Falsies
5pc Eye Shadow Palette
Lancome Hypnose Mascara
Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil
Bath and Body Works Lip Licious
2 Mimi Cosmetics Eye Shadow
White Pearl Eye Pencil
Fashion Earrings
San San Pen Liner
San San Duo Eye Shadow used as Blush

Here are her rules:
1. You must be a follower of Carla's blog.
2. Post about her giveaway in your blog and link your post to her giveaway.
3. Leave a comment on her post saying "I want in!" and paste the url of your blog post about my giveaway.
4. Winner will be chosen randomly through
5. There is only 1 (one) winner which will be drawn on October 9, 2009.

This Giveaway is open to International bloggers and will run for two weeks. Giveaway will end on October 8, 2009 11:59PM Philippine / Asian Time.
That's two weeks to get all your entries in! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

FOTN: Party Look#1 "Sweet Party Girl"

Hey readers! Here is an idea for a look next time you go out with your girlfriends to a party or a nightout. Go for the Sweet Party Girl look. Try layers of shimmery navy blue, pink,  purple with pink lips. This look is so easy to do and the colors are are fun.
Sweet Party Girl






I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow


Night Owl: shimmery navy midnight blue. Its shimmery not glittery.
Picadilly: dark purple/eggplant (matte)
Love Struck: Pink with minimal shimmer



Layer the colors. Love Struck above the crease using a blending brush, Picadilly on the crease using a crease brush and Night Owl on the lid. Then apply your favorite shimmery highlight on the brow bone. Its more easier to blend when you layer the colors this way. To finish the look, use your favorite pink lipstick and top it off with a pink lipgloss.

These beautiful and affordable eyeshadows ($4.00 each) can be found and purchased at my e-store.
Just click on shop then Mark tab.

Have a great one readers!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lauren Conrad Inspired hairstyle.

Hey readers!! Do you guys ever find the time to fix or style your hair? I know I don't! I'm so lazy when it comes to my hair. I always have it straightened or in a pony tail. So I found a quick and easy hair style to change up the usual straight hair. I found a photo of Ms. Lauren Conrad with her famous side swept braid and, I was immediately inspired. Its very cute and girly.

Lauren does this hair style to keep her bangs away from her face. I dont have bangs but it's still a great idea for a hairstyle. I did it and, I was pleased to say that It was very easy and quick to do and you should try it too ^_^
My version. keep in mind that its not identical. Its an inspired hair style.

1. Straighten your hair with a straightening iron. (optional)
2. part you hair on the side with a comb or your fingers.
3. Take a small section on the top of your head and split it into three parts and french braid from top and down the side of your hair. If you have bangs, just take your bangs and french braid it.
4.Once your done, just place a hair tie at the end to secure the braid.
5. Apply/dab a little bit of hair gel on the braid to get rif of the frizz.
6. You are done!

I wore this look to the local beach/peir with my boyfriend.


My beautiful never smiles in photos lol.


Yummy Funnel Cake!!!!!!! Its sooooo sweeeet ^_^ Thanks to my baby kos.

Stay beautiful and have a good one!

Awards and Tags

I was awarded by Caby of and Dee of
Check them out ^_^ They have very interesting blogs.


1. Interesting Blog
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3. One Lovely Blog Award
Rules of these Awards:
Accept the award; post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
Pass the award to 3 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for these awards.
and another award by Martha of She's so beautiful. I love reading her blog. She does makeup looks, make up tips, review and hauls. You should check her out.
To accept this award do the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award. - done
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Thank you ladies!!

Below are the blogs I'm tagging.
- I love her durgstore finds.

-Shes a beautiful mom and does it all.

-I love her fashion sense.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review: Sigma Essential Brush Kit (face and eyes)

The Sigma Makeup Essential Brush Kit ( 12 brushes ) contains professional quality brushes for face and eyes. They are technically perfect and precise. Easy to use, soft and durable. All brushes were carefully hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated ferrules.
source: Sigma Makeup


I received this amazing and wonderful brush set as a surprise gift from my boyfriend ^_^. He was really paying attention when I was giving him hints on how much I've been wanting these brushes for the longest time lol. I first saw them in Enkore's review on youtube . They're like copy cat of Mac brushes from the way the look and how they're numbered. Enkore said, they're they're super soft and very comparable to the real Mac brushes without the expensive price tag.


Sigma Makeup offers different kinds of brush kits. The one my bf got was the "Essential Brush Kit" for faces and eyes. It includes 5 face brushes and 7 eye brushes. It's more than enough brushes you need to create a whole makeup look and more.

Face brushes
  • ss150 powder brush/ natural bristles. Ideal for powder products.
  • ss187 Stipling brush/ blend of natural and synthetic brushes. Ideal for liquid foundation and blush 
  • ss168 angled blush brush/ natural bristls. Ideal for blush and contour. 
  • ss190 foundation brush/ synthetic bristles. Ideal for cream foundation.
  • ss194 concealer brush/ synthetic bristles. Ideal for concealer use.
Eye brushes
  • ss275 angled eye shadow brush/ natural bristles. Ideal for higlighting unher the brows and crease area.
  • ss266 angled eye liner brush/ synthetic bristles. Ideal for cream, gel liners and filling the eye brows.
  • ss252 flat eye shader brush/ natural bristles. Ideal for cream eye shadows, loose eye shadow and pigments.
  • ss239 eye shadow brush/ natural bristles. Ideal for pressed and loose eye shadows.
  • ss224 blening brush/crease brush/ natural bristles. Ideal for blending colors and harsh lines.
  • ss219 pencil brush/ natural bristles. Ideal for smudging, precise color on the crease and lower lashline.
  • ss209 eye liner brush. Ideal for lining the eyes.

A free travel size SS217 brush was included for every order. Sweeeeeet!



The entire brush kit after it has been washed and dried. They are beautiful ^_^
Rating: 5 out of 5.

After using them for a week and I can honestly say that I'm in love with these brushes!!! I'm thakful for Sigma Makeup for making wonderful brushes we can all love and afford.

-The quality has surpassed my expectation. They were better than I thought.
-The brushes were well made and very durable.
-Some brushes were even better than MAC
-The bristles are super soft. I couldnt get over how soft they were.
-You cant beat the price. Its $69.00 for 12 brushes. If you want the brush roll included, its $89.00.
-Brush guards were inluded for the face brushes.

-Some of the brushes were not exact dupe of the Mac brushes in terms of size (217, 266, and 252) but I dont really care because they are still good quality.
-There were a little shedding the first time I washed them. But this is normal for any brushes.

Check out their wesite for more information
Search them on youtube for more reviews
 Ren-ren's review.

Do you own any Sigma brushes? What are your thoughts?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

FOTN: Neutral Olive Eyes and Pinto Bean lips.

Hey everyone! I hope all of you are having an awesome Labor day weekend. I did a look using my Revlon's Make a Sheen trio in Olive it up. I love this because this is a different take on the typical green look. I love the sheer neautral shades of olive green. Yes, they are sheer but they are quiet pretty ^_^
Olive it Up trio by Revlon
The lighter color was applied on the inner corner and 1/3 of the lid, the medium olive in the middle and the darker green on the outher corner. I added a tad of matte brown eye shadow on the crease for a bit of definition. As always the camera washed out the colors. Its really pretty in person.
I used NYX's round lipstick in Pinto bean.It's a shimmery, almost metallic coppery brown shade. No lipgloss was added. It wasnt needed.
I dont think It looks anything like a Pinto bean and, It's a pretty weird name for a lipstick but Its quiet fun to say.."Pinto Bean". Yeah, I'm weird ^_^
Reminder: Free Shipping in my Mark E-Botique until Sept 7, 2009!!!
enter code: LABOR9 at check out

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dana's Giveaway ^_^

Awesome giveaway by Dana of
Now for the RULES:

**you get a better chance of winning with each entry ;)

One Entry
You must follow her blog and her my charm blog
Comment this post saying "COUNT ME IN!"

Two Entries
You must follow her blog and her charm blog
Repost my giveaway on your blog

include the link to this post & the picture of the prizes
(only the first picture is necessary)

Send her your blog link in a comment

Additional entries
For every D♥T Charm item you buy, you'll get an additional entry

Contest ENDS on September 30th

Good Luck! ^__^

Review: Mark's Metalliner Eye Glam Hook Up

If you have been following my blog, then you know that I'm a Mark Representative. I recently tried one of their Metalliner eye glam hook up in Blue Crome and, I am loving it. Its an electrifying liquid eyeliner shade with glamourized pearl for a sleek chrome effect. They come in 2 more shades but I had to try one first to find out for myself if they are worth it.

Why does it look like this?
-Because its part of their customizable Hook Up line.


2.5g / 0.088oz

Do you get the point?

You need a hook up connector to hook up 2 items on both ends. There are a lot of Hook Up items to choose from. For example, I put together a Metalliner on one end and Winkstick/eyeshadow stick on the other end. You can customize and switch them up according to your preference. In other words, It will make your life easier ^_^


Twist to open


I love how the brush is very thin. You can be precise with the application and, you can make the line thick or thin depending on your preference.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5

-I love the color. Its an intense metallic blue chrome. Its more prettier in person. I will purchase the other shades.
-I love the idea of the "Hook Up", where I can switch up items depending on my needs. This would be great for travelling.
-Its very affordable. Its $5.50  and the Hook Up connector is .50cents but its free when you purchase 2 hook up products.
-I didnt give it a 5 because I wish It had more product. On the other hand, Its not like I will use a metallic blue liquid liner everyday.

It can be purchased at my E-Botique

Take advantage of the free shipping ladies. Have a great Labor Day weekend ^_^

Friday, September 4, 2009

EOTN: The Easiest Black Smokey Eyes.

The black smokey eyes is a very popular and classic look that will never go out of style. If done right, It can be the easiest makeup look to do. All you need are black eye liner pencil, matte black eye shadow and a light brown eye shadow (face powder can be an alternative).
-Apply a black eye liner pencil along the upper lashline. It does not have to be perfect.
-Smudge the liner with am eye shadow brush.
-Apply a matte black eye shadow on top of the smudge liner, all over the lids and on the lower lashline.
-Apply a light brown eyeshadow/face powder on the crease and the lower lashline as well to get rid of the harshlines. Dont forget to blend.
-Apply your choice of highlighter on the brow bone. A shimmery nude would be best.
-Apply false lashes (optional). It will create more drama to your eyes.

It is best to do a nude lip or a lip color close to your skin tone.

-Apply lip balm to moisturize the lips. Never skip this step.
-Apply foundation to get rid of the pigmentation
-Apply a nude lip liner on the rim of the lips. Do not go pass the natural line. (This will prevent the lipstick  from bleeding out)
-Fill in the lips with the lip liner and top it off with your favorite nude lip color.
-Dont foreget to apply a gloss on top.


I hope you guys like it ^_^