Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dana's Giveaway ^_^

Awesome giveaway by Dana of
Now for the RULES:

**you get a better chance of winning with each entry ;)

One Entry
You must follow her blog and her my charm blog
Comment this post saying "COUNT ME IN!"

Two Entries
You must follow her blog and her charm blog
Repost my giveaway on your blog

include the link to this post & the picture of the prizes
(only the first picture is necessary)

Send her your blog link in a comment

Additional entries
For every D♥T Charm item you buy, you'll get an additional entry

Contest ENDS on September 30th

Good Luck! ^__^


  1. Becky, you're gorgeous. Do you mind me asking your mix? You look so unique and exotic

  2. Wish you good luck and have a great day :)

  3. i commented the wrong blog! o_O but i still love yours lol!

  4. lol that sounds cool. btw, love the new look of your blog!

  5. ooooh you changed your layout again! I like this one as well :D Thanks for your comment, yeah it does seem like these days you gotta show your inner bitch to get the service expected, and when you do people just say "gawd that gir's such a bitch" like it's expected.

    the metalliner down at your previous post looks yummy, I really like that blue and it's so vibrant. I'm currently working on some jewelries but once I breat even with my cost & make profit I'm def going to order some Mark and try it out!

  6. Oh wow!!! Pinoy!!! So that explains the GORGEOUS looks then!!! Comes naturally.

    p.s Thanks for your super sweet comment, I'll be following your blog!!!

    I love how far you have come with your blog! so inspirational, Becky :)
    xoxo V