Saturday, October 10, 2009

Charlotte Russe Columbus Day Sale

Man, I work on Columbus Day (10.12.09) while the rest of the world gets to sleep in and relax *sigh*. On the brighter side, Charlotte Russe is having a crazy 50-75% off sale on their website. Its an on-line exclusive.

They have realy cute and trendy clothes so check it out ladies^_^


It started on Oct 9th so what are you waiting for?

I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend ^_^


  1. oooooohhhh thanks for letting us know !

  2. Really?!?!?! Woooohooo! Shopping time! hahaha. Thanks for the info, beautiful!

  3. lol. Charlotte Russe usually have random big sales. I do like their jeans though! haha. well, some. and their body spray <3 cute clothes, must I say =]

  4. i recently just hauled a huge lot from forever21, everything was like $4.

    the camera is worth it girl. they are more reliable than digital cameras and the quality is excellent esp. for detailed pictures. canon is a very good brand or nikon. i am satisfied with both brands.

  5. thanks !im so checking them out !hehe