Sunday, October 4, 2009

Makeup 101: Study Your Face.

I get often asked by my friends and fellow bloggers, "hey, how do you do your makeup?" I share tips or advice and I feel like its not enough to really to make them fully understand the wonderful things about makeup. Theres more to makeup than putting colors on the face. Makeup can enhance, define and even alter your features. You can be who ever you want to be or simply use makeup as a boost to your confidence.

Im not a professional but in a short span of time, I have learned enough to say I'm sorta good at it. I'm still learning and it's a never ending learning experience.

So here is a Face Map. A lot of people just dive into learning how to put eye shadows right away. In my opinion, It is very important to know the parts of your face first before everyting else. It seems silly but trust me its really crucial to know this. It will help you with your makeup application.

Im only wearing concealer under the eye area, sheer powder all over the face, lip liner and a nude lipstick.

Ofcourse we all have different face structure. I suggest that you look in the mirror and study your face. Feel your eyes and the placement of the bones. It may sound silly but just do it. Trust me. It will be more easier to enhance your all over appearance if you fully understand the parts of your face ^_^

Look for these things:
-brow and natural arch
-brow bone
-crease of the eyelid (this varies for all kinds of eye shape)
-undereye area
-tear duct
-bridge of the nose
-tip of the nose
-apple of the cheek
-hollow of the cheek
-corner of the mouth
-peaks of the lip/bow- I forgot to label this in the chart.
-tip of the chin

This post is for my friends and fellow bloggers who are beginners in makeup. I hope this helps.

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  1. Such nice tutorial! Thanx for posted it!
    I didn't know how called on English a lot of face parts :P and now I am :)
    Great tutorial!

  2. Thanks for calling my attention to all the points that I need to keep in mind while applying my makeup!

  3. This is such a great post, and your skin looks gorgeous! :D

  4. Nice work on the map and u have gorgeous skin with just sheer powder on. I'm jealous! LoL =)

  5. Excellent post! Knowing your face really does help when you are learning to apply your makeup.

  6. I think I should do that :) and I think you forgot to label the cupid's bow area! haha :D

  7. I definitely saved a lot of money, but then again did I really need it? xD haha. but I cannot resist so at least I saved money ^_^ If I could recommend one of them to you, I'd say go with the MUFE set because that HD powder is amazing! :D

  8. Oh what a great idea!!!!!!! And how clear is your skinnnn, wow!!!

  9. great idea!!! and you have beautiful skin :)

  10. What an interesting article! Thank you for posting this!

    I'm following your blog (=

  11. That's such a great chart/map! Sorta good? You're very modest...great's more like it :D.

  12. Great..!! Now I can read my face completely. Thanks for information.

  13. I don't think I've ever look at myself in the mirror so long. Thanks so much, I've noticed a lot I've missed before.