Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NYX 80% off Autumn SALE alert!!

NYX is currently having an "Autumn Sale" on these 3 sets of mega shine lip glosses, mascaras, liquid eyeliners, and eyeshadows for $25 bucks and $10 bucks. I love it when NYC cosmetics would have this type of sale from time to time. It is an awesome way to save a lot of money.


There is no doubt that these are good buys but keep in mind that they come in a set so you don't have the luxury to mix and match the items. You only have 3 sets to choose from. They are final sale items and non-returnable. In other words, if you ended up not liking alot of the products in the set, you cannot return them.

I'm liking Set A which includes:
-9 Single Eyeshadow colors
-8 Mega Shine Lipglosses,
-4 Mascara and
-4 Liquid Eyeliner colors.

click on the site below to purchase

happy shopping!!!!


  1. I thought the sale already ended. As a matter of fact.... I got my package from Set A today from the UPS lady! hahaha. I got other stuff for my future giveaway which I've been planning. hahaha.

  2. hmm... I think they give you the colors that don't get bought! IDK, just a theory from what people said last year lol :) I like nyx though, but I didn't use the products I got like I thought I would've

  3. Oh, wow!Love sales!! Thanks!

    -Argh.. I've been so lazy when it comes to Avon these days.. Brochure after brochure.. hahha. What's been going on? The only time I've had issues is either on watches or they don't have a specific product anymore & what I do is order it serparately online in a different account. Getting tired of it too? I actually stopped last year, but ended up going back this year. Hope it gets better for you. Any questions? Let me know!

  4. JEALOUS!!! I wish I was living in the US right now! make a review once you get yours k? :)

  5. AWESOME deal tho' Im not really digging the shades.

    Thanks for sharing ii with us and if you actually buy this set, will you swatch it for us pls. Thanks in advance!

  6. HOLY S*** I'M GOING THERE RIGHT NOW!! they better deliver to canada lol! damn i just bought ELF stuff too :( boooo ohh well hehe omg I encountered fake MAC like you did a while ago and I was soo surprised! Good thing I read your fake MAC a while back that I know that they are fake!

  7. Seriously, I have to take advantage of one of these crazy NYX sales one of these days! Thanks for the heads-up about this new one. :)

    PS: I just added you to my blog roll--I can't believe I didn't have you there already since I love your blog! Sorry about that, honey! But you're there now! xo

  8. super cheap !lol
    yeah u saw those cheers were curvy bootylicious and boobylicious and sexy !lollll