Thursday, November 12, 2009

The best NYX bundle deal.

This may be the best bundle deal NYX ever had. The NYX website would randomly have this kind of sale but not all of them are this good. I'm most excited about their 59 chrome eyeshadow bundle for $59. It's a dollar each and, you will get all the colors available. I looked at the swatches on their website and I can't help but drool ^_^. Their chrome eyeshadows are my favorite among their eyeshadow line. They are very pigmented and very vibrant than the rest.


59 chrome eyeshadow bundle -$59
22 glitter on the go bundle - $17
60 lips bundle - $48
or 50% off if you want to buy them seperately.

So you might be wondering if I got anything?...YES!! Ugghhh. It's a sickness I tell you O_o


  1. i want the lipstick bundle but i'm so scared to order it because what if i don't like most of the lipstick colors lol

  2. whoa I want the lipsticks but I dont want THAT many lol

  3. Hey! Please check my latest blog post, because I awarded you the "One Lovely Blog" award! Remember to link back to me, and thanks for being you =)

  4. oooh heading to nyx now to check it out :D

    and OMG jennifer love hewitt song "BARE NAKED" that was pretty good i thought! for some reason that totally poped into my head when you mentioned it. wow I must have reallyliked the song or something HAHAHA

  5. awww they dont' have the sale on their canadian website boooo!

  6. Thank you for all the deals, but I am VERY broke now :( If you see my most recent post.. ahha you'll know why!

  7. Those are such awesome deals, but I don't know if I really need 59 more's so tempting though :D.

  8. I see somebody has already nominated you but I'll let ya know anyways.

    I just nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog Award". Please check out my entry to read more about it and how to nominate others.

    Thanks for making such great blog posts to btw :-)

    lastly, that does look like a really good deal. don't know much about nyx though so this would be a great time for me to check them out!!

  9. i was so excited when i saw your post! I headed straight for the website and ordered the lipstick bundle!......shipping cost 80!!!!! and the total came out to 128.25 =( booo im so disappointed! maybe because i live in canada? im not sure but that shipping is a total rip off! anyway thanks for the heads up i think ill still get the single lipsticks =))


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