Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Product Review: MARK Good Riddance HookUp concealer

Hello readers! I'm back with another review of Mark Good Riddance HookUp concealer in Medium/Deep. I'm currently using this concealer for everyday use and, I am pleased to say that I really like this product. It covers my light dark circles, blemishes and, it is very portable.

WHAT:  A concealer in a pencil form as part of Mark's Hook Up line. Product claims that it cover skin imperfections or under-eye circles with this creamy, oil-free concealer stick that glides gently over the skin. (http://meetmark.com/)
WHERE Can be purchased through your local Mark representative or go to http://meetmark.com/ or go to my mark e-botique at http://www.mymarkstore.com/rceleste
AMOUNT: 0.087 oz. net wt.
COLORS: Comes in 4 shades all yellow based.
TEXTURE: Its very creamy and goes smooth on the skin. Safe enough to apply under the eyes and blend with a finger
PRICE: $6.00 but right now you can buy 2 and get 1 free from any of their HookUp collection.



A HookUp connector is free when you purchase 2. You can hook up 2 items on both ends. There are a lot of HookUp items to choose from. For example, I put together good riddance concealer on one end and plumping lip gloss on the other end. You can customize and switch them up according to your preference. They are so portable and convenient

swatch of Medium/Deep
-The product is very creamy for a pencil form concealer ^_^
-It works well covering my blemishes and light under eye circle.
-I really like the whole idea of the HookUP line. Its very portable and you can customize what you can put in the hook up connector.

-The product is quite small.
-Sharpening the pencil makes you waste more product. No bueno!

Final Thought: Its a great product but keep in mind that whatever works for me might not work for you. I really like the product because it works for me.  Read more reviews on http://makeupalley.com/ and http://meetmark.com/ to see what other people think and feel about it.

 Go to my E-botique if you are interested in purchasing Mark products


  1. Hi girl, belated Happy VDay to you ;).

    Tnx for the review, it's really an affordable product. I hope it becomes available here in Manila ;)

  2. wow. a concealer pencil. my first time hearing that. that's really cool. :D i like how it's very portable and not messy at all. great for the purse. thanks so much for the review. :D

    thanks also for the fotd comment too. :)

    glad to hear you had an awesome valentine with your bf. you look very cute with bangs. looks like you guys had a lot of fun at the hawaiian event. :)

  3. great review, I do like how it's portable and it'll fit in small purses. btw hope you had a great valentine's day with your hub!

  4. aw, I don't get along with concealers :( I don't even know where my nars one went at the moment.. haha! That's how messy my room is >_<

  5. That is a very nice portable option.With the stress of life increasing concealer is a must for daily use...whenever there is a question of make up at least.