Friday, March 5, 2010

"April is giving away a $50.00 Kaitlyn Clothing Gift Card "

OMG readers! This is exciting news. My blogger friend April is holding a giveaway where you can win $50 gift card sponsored by Kaitlyn Clothing.

Here are the RULES:
1. Please be a subscriber of her  YouTube channel. 
2. Please be her blog follower.
3. Please make a blog post about the giveaway to spread the word about Kaitlyn Clothing and this giveaway.
It can be as simple as "April is giving away a $50.00 Kaitlyn Clothing Gift Card
here is her blog:".
4. This contest is open to U.S. residents only--sorry international friends, she will have more international contests.
5. Leave her a blog post with the link of your post about the contest.  In your blog comment also mention one item you would buy if you won the Kaitlyn Clothing gift card.
6. Mr. Lee will be mailing out the gift card.
7. The giveaway ends March 27, 2010.  You notice how all my contest ends on a 7th?  That's her favorite number!
8.You may only enter once with one blog comment.
9.Please do not enter through her YouTube announcement video--this is a BLOG giveaway. :) 
Its soooo easy right? So what are you ladies waiting for. Join April's giveaway and spread the word ^_^ 

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