Saturday, March 27, 2010

Amazing artist in Youtube. Melissa Polinar.

Hey readers I just wanted to share this new artist I came across on youtube today. Her name is Melissa Polinar. I was blown away by her voice and guitar skills. Oh and she writes and sings her own songs. Amazing!!!

I'm gonna guy her songs on itunes ^_^


  1. i will check her out! my boyfriend sings and plays guitar :) i should encourage him to do the same lol
    speaking about youtube, thanks for the encouragement ;) i will need lots to make my first video :)
    and i really like the face that you don't edit your videos, some people do and don't do it well and it just jumps like crazy i really liked watching yours because it flowed so nicely, its original and not FAKE lol and even a phone ringing just makes it so much better for that very reason :) so PLEASE keep them coming!!! :D i will watch and subscribe :)

  2. she is really good.... if you like her then you might also like lisa lavie... her youtube channel is thats if you want to check her out!!

  3. I'm glad you found her too! I love her Try and Brave Face song. =]

  4. Wow, just WOW! I found my new blog song lol. I subbed to her to, thanks for sharing girl!

  5. Thank you so much for telling me about her! She's GREAT! Have you heard about Kina Grannis? She does guitar and sings on YouTube too and I love her songs. :) Wow, Melissa Polinar is AMAZING! I am soo grateful you told me about her--I really like looking for unsigned singers because it's fun to follow them through the beginning to their success. Thanks for your comment on my flat iron blog. Yah, I am straight up blunt about making commission--it's just like the girls who represent Beauty Choice.

  6. She's a great singer indeed! Is she a Filipina?

    Lots of love,