Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MARK's Keep It Going Cream Liner is a YAY!!!

Frequently asked questions from friends is how to make the eye liner stay longer on the eyes. My advice is to opt for a cream/gel liner instead of a eyeliner pencil. It won't budge, smudge and the staying power is amazing. MARK carries a great line of cream liner called Keep It Going long wear eye liner and shadow duo. Its one of their new items and I hope they make it a permanent one.
Matte Black/Metallic Silver with shimmers

WHAT: An innovative, multiuse eye color that just doesn’t give up! Each compact features two waterproof, gel-based shades that are buildable for extra intensity and literally last all day. (source:

WHERE: Only available on or my E-Boutique
PRICE: $10.00
COLOR: Entourage Matte black and Shimmery Silver. 
AMOUNT: 0.04 oz. net wt.
TEXTURE: Cream form.
PACKAGING: Mini compact  with mirror and additional cover inside to keep the product from drying.

  Its soooo cute!!

One swipe

2 swipe

Product Test

I applied it  11:00am when I was getting ready for work. I applied the black cream liner a bit thicker than how I would normally wear it to see if it will fade on me.

I took a photo when I got home around  7:00pm. That's 8 hours.

It's still on!!!
-It really does what it says. It is long wearing and suitable for everyday use.
-The product glides on easily.
-You get 2 shades in one.
-Can be used as a liner and eyeshadow.
-Additional cover inside to keep the product from drying.
-Great price. Only $10.00

-If you're a beginner in makeup, it takes a bit of getting used to this type of product
-Like any other cream liner, you have to work quickly with it because it dries fast.
-Only available through a Mark Representative or Mark website.

FINAL THOUGHT: This product is a YAY!!! It works really well. I have oily lids and it stays put for a long time on my upper lash line and water line. Also, I like how I get 2 shades in one. I get more for my money.

Check out my E-Boutique if you are interested in purchasing this product. Other beautiful shades are available.


  1. I like using gel/cream liners over anything else because of its staying power. $10 for 2 colors? That's sounds like a good deal!

  2. ooo .. Thats beautiful !! I wd love to try it .. and the cute packaging !!
    Buh alas Mark aint available in India :(

  3. that gel liner is really pertty!! I have to agree with you on gel liners vs pencile... gel liners do have a great long wearing stay power!!

  4. Mark isn't available down here as well...oh..with numerous liners I own, seeing a new liner makes my heart skip a beat! I love gel liners!!! this look so good on you!

  5. how do i contact a mark representative? and how is the ordering process done? thanks

  6. this has got to be the prettiest eyeliner packaging i've ever seen. it looks very portable and convenient too. it comes in more handy than something in a pot that's in danger of breaking. i love both the black and silver colors. i was wondering...can the silver one be used as a base? i can imagine it would make a pretty base. :)

    good thing i didn't give away anything from "alice..." in my blog. it's a really cute movie; although, i kinda begged the BF to see because he was set on watching "clash of the titans." lol.

    thanks for the review. oh, yeah, and thanks for sharing the yummy easter food pics on the previous post too. :D

  7. then you get 2 colors for just $10 then you don't want to miss that chance to get it. I even get a cheap Venetian Beauty Reviews and the deal was fantastic.

  8. it's good that you checked the labels at the back part of the product or item. Just to give you a clue on what is it made of and how it was manufactured.