Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celeb Inspired Look: Nicole Scherzinger/Dancing with the Stars.

OMG Nicole is one of my favorite celebrities besides Kim Kardashian lol. The only reason why I watch Dancing with the Stars is because of her. She's sooo gorgeous and has a killer body. I've been telling myself that I want a body like her. Oh well at least I can copy her makeup lol.

So I was inspired to do a Silver cut crease look that she sported at show last night. I could not find a really good picture of her makeup. I only found a crappy one where she has her eyes down and you can see the eyeshadows slightly.

 Skin MD shielding lotion
Alba Green Tea eye gel
Almay line smoothing concealer in medium
Mark's Powder Buff powder foundation

Avon's Smooth Minerals in Hearty Peach
Milani Mosaic bronzer in AfterGlow

Almay Line Smoothing concealer in medium
Mark's Powder Buff powder foundation
L'oreal hip duo in Playful
Mark's Long Wearing cream shadow/liner in Entourage
NYX single e/s in Silver
Red Cherry lashes

 Mark's Long Wearing cream/shadow liner in Entourage

Carmex lip balm
Wet and Wild nude lip liner in Willow
L'oreal l/s in Pink Tranquilo

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  2. wow. the silver lids are so pretty. :) hope you don't mind my saying this, but i noticed you have a striking resemblance to nicole scherzinger. :) it was fun watching your tutorial. :D

  3. Ooooh I am soo loving this look- the eyes are just dazzling! You could so give Nicole a run for her money any day :)

  4. the cutting of the crease looks great! You do look gorgeous and I swear, Sarah is right, you can give Nicole a run for her money any day! You're very beautiful!

  5. oh my god, this is gorgeousss, babes! i'm going to def. try this cut this crease look..

  6. you look sooo beautiful! And I love nicole on the show too. Though i don't think its fair cuz she danced a bunch in PCD compare to other celebs! hehe I love watching pamela anderson too!

  7. zomg. you're so gorgeous!
    love this look and i'll try to recreate it next time i'm going out!

  8. So creative!! loves it! you are so gorgeous!!! and I agree with the other can give Nicole a run for her money any day!!


  9. I love this look on you and nice job on the cut crease look! That's a technique I still need more work on.

  10. this is sooo pretty, and your so beautiful! I loved the video...

  11. Your skin always has the most gorgeous glow

  12. haven't tried silver e/s yet, dont know if it will suit me, but it looks pretty on you.. your skin looks glowing!

  13. Wow- you are gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the heads up about the Ann Taylor sale :) I wanted to ask if you would mind me adding you to my favorite beauty blogs on my sidebar!!! :)

  14. I love this look :) The silver eyeshadow makes it really beautiful.

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  16. LOVE the silver and these are some great tips in your video. Thanks for sharing! x

  17. Beautiful! What a fantastic article too, we're loving the blog!x

  18. Thanks for sharing your video tutorial. I love the look and will surely try to copy it as well :-)

  19. This looks really cool. this article has inspired me to do more. I am thinking that this has been a real eye opener. It really is a celeb inspired look.

  20. Hello! Cool makeup! Did you know that you can find clothes matching it here