Saturday, May 1, 2010

Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes/ Video

It's really important to have the right tools in order to create that nice and flawless eye makeup. When I started with makeup, I was so over whelmed with all the brushes available in the market from different brands. I had to figure out for myself and found out what brushes works for me. Also, I learned that makeup brushes doesn't have to be expensive but if it is, it has to be a really good one.

So here are my Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes that I like to use.

1. Eye Shader brush for applying color on the lids. I like the one from ELF. It's is dirt cheap  for a buck and does apply color on the lids and brow bone nicely 

2. Crease brush is for applying color on the crease. 
I love the MAC 217. Its a dense crease brush that deposits color nicely on the crease. It's a great investment to have. This brush is 6 years old and, it's still in great shape.
3. Blending brush. Its the most important brush you need to have. It will get rid of harsh lines and blend your eye shadows for a more finished look.
  Sigma SS 224. This is a dupe for MAC 224.  It does the job really well but its been shedding on me like crazy :/

Blending brush from Image Essentials and Coastal Scents. They're supposed to be crease brushes but they are not dense enough to be one. They are soft and fluffy and works well for blending.

4. Pencil brush. I use it deepen the color on the crease to intensify it and to apply or smudge color on the upper lash line and lower lash line.
 Sigma SS219 is a dupe for MAC 219 and it does the job well.

Smaxhbox and Posh brushes are great as well.

5. Angled Liner brush. If it wasn't for this brush, I wouldn't be able to create those really thin lines on my upper lash line to frame my eyes. Also, its great for doing a precise winged line using a cream/gel liner.
 I like the MAC 263 to line my eyes, fill in my eyebrows and crease a fake crease. It is stiff and thin.

I hope this was helpful ^_^

Here's a video for you guys. I'm such a dork!


  1. Great post! I love that ELF brush, their studio line brushes are great too.

    Anyhoo, love the blog!

  2. I agree with all your must have brushes!!!

  3. Hi Becky! OMG I didn't know you didn't tell everyone yet. Would you like me to take the post down? I'm soo sorry!

    I just was super excited about you making videos! I also wanted to help you get some subbies. :)

  4. I will be checking out some of the brushes you mentioned. I love the ELF eye shader brush too! Nice video!

  5. i have ELF's shader brush =) nice post!

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