Sunday, June 6, 2010

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!!!

My skin type is oily with a dry nose. I mean a really dry nose. I know it's so weird but one thing that helps me take care of that is exfoliation. I make sure I exfoliate my face 2-3 times a week whenever I feel like my face is dull and needs a little pick me up. One product that I have been using for exfoliation is the Berry Grand Super Exfoliating Beads by MARK. I use it with my Mark's That's Deep cleanser and, I love how it gets rid of my oil skin and dry patches on my nose. It's a really an amazing product.

WHAT: Antioxidant-rich cranberry and pomegranate seeds combine with apricot seed powder and oil-absorbing rice powder to provide deep exfoliation. Container conveniently "hooks up" to the tops of our cleansers. (source:

It's part of Mark's skin care line and recommended of people with oily skin type. It's best used with Mark's skin care line for oily skin such as the That's Deep cleanser.
WHERE: Can only be purchased on line at htt:// or my E-boutique

 PRICE: $9.00

SCENT: To me it smells like dried fruits.

AMOUNT:  0.80 oz.

PACKAGING: Hard plastic container. 

The hole underneath may throw you off but it's supposed to hook up with one of their cleansers because they are meant to be used together. But of course, you can use the beads with any cleansers, not just Mark.

I think it's cool

How I use it.
I wet my face with warm water. Warm water will open up the pores on the face. Then I get a small amount of beads and cleanser on the palm of my hand. This is enough for the entire face (and neck too).

Mix them together with your fingers.

Then I simply work it onto my entire face especially on my nose are to get rid of the nasty dry patches ans white heads.

When I use it
I use it 2-3 times a week. I don't recommend using this product every single day or it will dry your face.

How I store it.
I keep in in a cool and dry place where it won't get wet. Sometimes I put in next to my sink with my cleanser. Make sure you don't take this in the shower or else water will get inside and the beads will get soggy.
  • I feel good about using it because it has real fruits in it.
  • It gets rid of my dry patches and white heads on my nose.
  • It gets rid of excess oil on my face.
  • It's not rough on the skin as long as you use a little bit and always with a cleanser.
  • It makes my face super smooth, feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
  • The cover sucks. If not careful, you will end up pouring a lot of product and putting it back can be annoying.
  • I don't like the cover. I feel like it's not tight enough to cover the container. I have to make sure I don't drop it lol.
FINAL THOUGHT: Even though I don't like the packaging, I still love the product. The meetmark website recommended this for oily skin but I think it's also great with people with dry skin. It makes my face feel clean, fresh and it gets rid of the dry patches on my nose. It's simply wonderful!!!

Feel free to visit my E-Boutique to purchase this product.


  1. Thx for this review and the video :)
    I didn't know this product!

  2. Great Review and demonstration! Good to know that I can check your blog for skin care issues cause I have the exact same problems as you with the oily skin and dry nose... I hate it!

  3. I bought this too but I am so sad because I made the mistake of using it in the shower and I guess I must have not closed it right..there was tons of water in it and it lost its effect :(.I still use it..WHY..cuz that thing was 16 bucks ! shoot

  4. really great review!!! one of these days I should try this product out!!

  5. Now that's different! I love the idea and the contents, but I guess it could get a little messy. Great review! x

  6. this looks very interesting becky.. nice review

  7. Ooo these exfoliating beads look promising. There are some great ingredients in there. =] I like how you can use it with any cleanser.

    1. Just have a search in the same blog for the results "how to handle cleanser".

  8. Ooh why do the good products always come with sucky packaging?! lol

    This is unique, Becky. Thanks for sharing! :D

  9. the packaging is a bit interesting.
    and the granules looks like it can really really exfoliate dead skin cells.

    becky thank you for putting me in the blogroll at your side bar. thank you so much =)

  10. Hey this is really neat. This looks sooo nice I wish we had mark here. :|

  11. Sweet! It seems like this is a good product. thanks for the review, Becky. However, too bad we do not have Mark here in the Philippines **sigh**

  12. i like it...

  13. aww you have such nicee skin ::::) Lucky <3

  14. this looks awesome! Loved your review :)

    I'm a new follower! :) found you through pop champagne's recommendation! :)

  15. hey there I just nominated you for a " I love your blog award" check it out =)

  16. Nice review, this looks like a pretty cool way to exfoliate my skin :)

  17. The best way to treat brown spots and to get rid of them is regular exfoliation.It is the best way to keep your skin clear and healthy look.

    1. yes, regular exfoliation will helps.

  18. Exfoliate your skin daily. Scrub away the dirt, pollutants, chemicals and toxins that get lodged in your skin – day after day. If you want a natural scrub then all you have to do is add white sugar grains to your favorite body wash. Of course, you will have to efficiently wash away and scrub off the sugar’s sticky feel.

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