Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Collective Haul: Drugstore, Ann Taylor and Bath and Body Works.

Hey everyone! I just like to say thank you for the sweet comments you guys left on my Super Bright Green and Yellow makeup on my previous post. I have sweet and kind blogger friends ^_^. Anyway, just wanna share my collective haul that I have accumulated in the past 2-3 weeks. It's not that much, but I still want to show you guys because I love everything that I got.

Bath and Body Works during their Semi-Annual Sale where most of their stuff were 50-70% off.
Cucumber Melon Triple Moisture Shower Cream
orig price: $12.00
sale: $3.00

Cucumber Melon Body Butter
orig price: $15.00
sale: $3.75

Siiiiiiiiighhh! I love anything cucumbers because it smells clean, fresh and soothing. I'm really loving the shower cream and body butter. The body butter is not too thick and very light on the skin and it's not sticky ^_^

Cucumber Melon Pocket Bac Antibacterial hand gel
I got these for 5 for $5

I love these. I work with kids and most of them are sick all time, and I constantly have to use hand sanitizer for protection lol. I also love the size because you can just throw it in my purse and use it whenever I need them.

CVS drugstore
It's not a good thing when you work walking distance to a drugstore lol. I find myself going on my lunch break or after work to kill time. I always end up getting at least one item for no reason at all.

Revlon Photo Ready liquid foundation in Golden Beige. It's supposed to be the drugstore High Definition foundation. I know!!! I finally gave in. I blame it on youtube video review and haul for this product lol. But I do like it. So far I have no complaints about it except for its not the right shade for me because of the limited shade selection. But I managed to make it work though ^_^ Go to this POST to see how it looks on my face.

Milani Mineral Powder blush in Mai Tai. I've been seriously wanting this blush and, its always sold out at my local CVS. There was one left when I went to i got it ^_^
price: $5.99

Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour lip gloss in Fashion Diva. This one caught my eye because of the gorgeous Magenta color. I love the fine shimmers in it that is very visible on the lips ^_^
price: $6.99

Soooo pretty!!!

Ann Taylor
The Petite Perfect Ponte Pencil Skirt 
orig price: $80.00
sale: $29.88
It's the most comfortable pencil skirt I've ever put on!

Have an awesome day everyone!!!


  1. Whit whoo!!! That is some serious shopping :) Love it!!!!!!Everything looks just gorgeous!!

  2. gahhhh how i wish we had bath and body works :( i want to try the hand hanitizers! :(

    but yeah, how hard is it to find counter work! it's so damn depressing cause i see these girls who have the most heinous make up at the counters and im like.. wow.. :| i mean, i know its mostly to do with sales but if someone wants to come in to do their make up.. i wouldn't want someone doing my make up that looks like THAT, ya know what i mean :| good luck anyway hun :( keep trying.. no ones called me back either :(

  3. Awesome buys! What size did you get in the skirt? Their skirts are usually too big- even the 00p....

    They are having a free shipping sale on any price!!! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing! Please feature more hauls on your blog. I love Bath and Body Works...you got some amazing deals there!

  5. HOLY body works is so much cheaper in the states than here, we got sales here but nothing compare to that! the pencil skirt is nice, so professional chic looking. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Becky, I just have a question. You have amazing skin and I'm jealous! What kind of skin do you have and what products do you use? Maybe you mentioned it in a post and I didn't see, if so, sorry!

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