Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Contest Entry: Bright Green and Yellow Summer Makeup

I have never done a super bright makeup look like this ever!!! It's a really Bright Green and Yellow Summer Makeup look and it's my contest entry for Makeupbyrenren or RenRen's Bright Summer Makeup contest on youtube sponsored by Palladio cosmetics. Like what I said in my video entry, I really don't care of I win or not. I'm just excited for the fact that Renren is holding this contest because I love ren ^_^

I chose the colors greens and yellows with a pop of turquoise blue-ish for my eyes because those are my favorite summer colors and I matched the look with some purple-y pink lips ^_^  It's super bright and super fun^_^ . Oh and, I have to apologize for the quality of the face pics. Those are still shots from the video.

I used almost all the colors from my 120 eye shadow palette that I got from ebay. I have a love hate relationship with this palette. Some colors are amazingly pigmented and some are not. Tip: Use patting motion when applying these eye shadows to deposit the color better and to get less fall out.

I mixed NYX round lipsticks in Lala (nude purple) and Power (Bright Pink) for my lip color.

Milani 3d lipgloss in Fashion Diva. I applied it on top of my purple-y pink lips.

-The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture
-Alba Green Tea eye gel
-Sedona Lace concealer palette
-Revlon Photo Ready foundation
-Derma Blend setting powder

-120 Manly eye shadow palette from ebay
-Milani e/s in Garden Mist
-NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yellow
-Urban Decay eye liner in Zero
-NYX Doll Eye mascara

-NYX cream blush in Glow
-Avon Smooth Minerals blush in Golden Glow
-Carmex lip balm
-Wet and Wild nude lip liner in Willow
-NYX round lipstick in Lala and Power

Here is a video tutorial on how I did this look^_^

...and here is Renren's Contest Video

Have an awesome day!!!


  1. Brilliant it looks so so great really vivid and unusual look. Well done & good luck x

  2. gorgeous!! you did a great job! hope you win it! Good luck!! btw, thank u for stoppin by & followin my blog.. I really appreciate it... =)

  3. Brught and vibrant, love this look, you 're gorgeous :)

  4. ooh nice you remind me one of those love birds with this color combination! haha I checked out dumbfounded, he's pretty good too. the cereal song is funny

  5. Oooooooo you did a fantastic job! You really can pull any look off- super jealous!!!

    Please enter my Giveaway when you get a chance

  6. omg!!! I love the colors and how bright this look is!!!! you look lovely too!!! I love it!!!

  7. I loved your contest entry doll!!you pulled out the colours so good!!I could never do that!:)

  8. Wow you look gorgeous! Love this color combo in looks. I think your blending is great. Good luck with the contest!

  9. Oh my gosh, Becky this is such a bright and loud green/yellow look! You look amazing (as always).

    Oh, and the subtle blush on your cheeks is awesome too!

    Love you with the soft big curled hair!

  10. Wow, with your pretty looks, you can get away with this color combination! I just can't! hahhaha :)

  11. Beautiful Becky! You are so good at what you do! It really is an art form.

  12. gorgeous!!!! you need to wear brights more often. it looks amazing.

  13. You look stunning
    I agree with Claire M

  14. you look great, love this look on you!