Sunday, July 11, 2010

Everyday Bead Fix or Bead Fix Du Jour Giveaway!!!

Hey guys, please check out my friend's giveaway. She's in the process of starting an online jewelry store and she needs to decide what to name it. What sounds good, Everyday Bead Fix or Bead Fix Du Jour? You get to win a prize by helping her decide. All you have to do is go to her contest post and comment ^_^. Its super easy right?

Her Rules:
  1. Must be a follower of her blog.  Entry will be disqualified if not a follower.
  2. Must leave a comment with on ther post with your suggestion:  Either "your daily bead fix" or "bead fix du jour"
  3. Must leave her your e-mail address and let her know what you would like to receive:  Either "charm bracelet" or "earrings"
  4. Must spread the word.  Repost on your blog or twitter it if you don't have one.  Don't forget to include the link on your comment.
Ends on July 17th, at 10PM Pacific Time.  
Winner will be drawn via 
and yes, I will ship internationally via USPS


  1. These earrings are just so pretty! Love the name too!!!

  2. ooh it's so nice that you're helping your friend! and yeah Dakota fanning is really pretty! She's like the new Kristen Dunst hahaha. and she's so clean and classy unlike other people her age *uhm hem* miley cyrus taylor momsen