Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's super Shimmery!!!

I'm talking about my new lip gloss love, the Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Fashion Diva. It's supposed to give my lips a 3D effect from all the shimmers it has, but I don't see it O_o. But I have been using it almost everyday and I love it! Fashion Diva is gorgeous sheer purple-y magenta. It's sheerness may be an issue for some people, but I like the fact that it is sheer and it gives a hint of color with a lot shimmers on my lips. It's sooo pretty! ^_^

WHAT: New soft and brilliant formula filled with super shiny polymers and the next generation of pearls to create the illusion of 3D depth for fuller sexier looking lips. (source:
WHERE: I'm not sure if this shade is available in all drugstores. I got mine at my local CVS
PRICE:  $5.99-$6.99 depends on where you get them
AMOUNT: 0.12 oz
SHADE: Fashion Diva, purple-y magenta
TEXTURE: Smooth and non-sticky.
SCENT: It has a sweet candy scent to it.

The applicator is a thin brush.

Ugh! I'm not loving this gold cap. It looks tacky if you ask me O_o

Swatched heavily on a white paper. It has so much shimmers in it.

Swatch on my lips by itself. It's sheer and gorgeous.

-It's a great everyday lip gloss to wear by itself because it's sheer.
-The thin brush applicator makes it easy to apply the gloss.
-The texture is non-sticky.
-The shimmers in it are not grainy.
-The shimmers are visible on the lips.
-It's pretty affordable.

-The packaging is bulky and tacky in my opinion. Very outdated look. I hate the gold cap O_o
-It's not that long lasting but it's okay.
-The label/name is on a sticker instead of on the actual tube or cap. I just thought it was weird but I guess it shouldn't bother me.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  Even though, I hate the packaging and would not whipe this out in public, I still like this product and will re-purchase. I like that its sheer and it gives a hint of color on the lips with lots of shimmers if worn by itself, and it makes any lipstick look even more prettier if worn on top. Also, the shimmers are not grainy at all which s a major plus. I've tried other lip glosses where I would feel the shimmer/glitter on my lips. Yuck!

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  1. ah these are beautiful! i have fashion diva as well and also designer label. the packaging puts me off as well, so cheap! (actually i find a lot of milani's packaging is cheap :()

  2. It looks sheer but pretty on your lips. The gold cap is not doing anything good for the gloss. :P

  3. everything is 3D now AGHHHHHHH .. love the gloos those it reminds me a dazzleglass from Mac I have ...

  4. This gloss really is gorgeous! I admired it in one of your previous posts- it's so sparkly :)

  5. I always admire make-up gurus like you who have the courage, curiosity, patience, creativity, and skills to experiment with various make-ups available in the market. Along the way, you discover what you like and what you don't like. I've always been very over-protective with my skin, especially on the face. For this reason, I've been very reluctant to experiment with make ups. There's also a fear inside me that I might fail heh. I tried to do various things by imitating other bloggers and youtube videos, and got no success so far. I suppose for now I can just enjoy the beauty of make ups from reading blogs like yours :).

  6. ooo, these look like they can be dupes for dazzleglass. I may have to check these out when they go on a bogo sale at cvs : )

  7. This gloss looks similar to MAC's Dazzleglass in Date Night. It's very pretty!

    I just added you to my blogroll, missy! I love your blog; you should have been added ages ago. :)