Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sedona Lace 10 pan Concealer palette came in 2 days!!!

This is not a review. I will have a separate review for this product. I've been so busy this past week and, I haven't had the time to update my blog or my youtube channel. I have so many product reviews and fotd to do. I just gotta find time.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know my excitement when I got my package from Sedona Lace. I ordered their 10 Color Camouflage concealer palette after watching a video review of Renren of Makeupbyrenren on youtube. She used the palette as a foundation, concealer and contour on her face. The result was amazing. I was instantly sold. I've seen other reviews from makeupalley and other makeup websites but ren's video really convinced me ^_^  I love her by the way, I love watching her videos and, I trust her reviews.

 Renren's video ^_^

I was really pleased with my order. I was able to get a good deal with the palette by using Renren's discount code Renren before check out. Also, the shipping is super fast. I got my package within 2 days, wow!

Sub total: $15.95
Shipping: $9.55
Discount: -$4.00
Grand Total: $21.50!!!

It was packaged nicely ^_^

My curious dog sniffing the palette ^_^

Look at all these shades great for so many things. I can't wait to play with them on myself and friends ^_^  Click on the link to purchase this palette.

Do you have the same palette? Have you guys ordered from Sedona Lace before?


  1. wow it looks similar to the Coastal scents palette! Yes, i have this palette but its an unbranded one.

  2. I love concealers like this coz you can always mix and match to find the right shade for you as needed :D

  3. Ohh looks great! I have heard of that brand, but haven't tried anything out. Ohh, GREAT DISCOUNT!
    Again, congrats on winning the ELLE video!!!

  4. i'm sure you'll enjoy this. can double as foundation, too! i once used mine for a shoot and this really came in handy with all the models with different skintones. :) not too hygenic though so i use a spatula. :)

  5. Whoa, shipping rate is like Coastal Scent's too :( Almost the cost of the palette itself

  6. It looks exactly just like the Coastal Scents palette. Could be that they're from just one manufacturer?

    Yeah, you can definitely mix and match the shades to find the perfect shade for you. Have fun using the palette. :P

  7. thanks for following! (im in my twenties, btw ;-)) ive been wanting to try something from sedona lace ... its definitely making its way around the blogging/youtube world right now! have fun playing! cant wait to see reviews!

  8. ooh this looks so intriguing! i keep hearing about sedona lace lately, their eyeshadow palettes look nice...can't wait for a review!

  9. OMG i want this!! thanks for the heads up!! did you do your review yet?