Sunday, July 11, 2010

FOTN: Random Dramatic Silver and Blue Green eyes.

You know when a writer gets a writer's block? Well sometimes I get a makeup artist block lol (if there is such a thing). I love to play with makeup and it's one of my favorite past time but sometimes I get blank whenever I'm about to start doing my makeup. Maybe because I think too much about it especially when I'm trying to create a fun and creative look.

I mentioned in the video tutorial I did for this look that sometimes I like to throw in all kinds of eye shadow colors on my eyes hoping that they would turn out amazing. Sometimes it works but other times it comes out as a complete disaster lol. But it's all good because I can always start all lover again since I can just remove the makeup and start all over again ^_^

So whenever I get that "makeup artist block", I just look at fashion magazines to get inspiration from celebrity makeup looks or high fashion editorial makeup or even the colors from clothes that i wear to come up with a look of my own. For example, I did this dramatic Silver and Blue Green eyes inspired by my top lol. It has stripes of burgundy, blue green, greyish silver and browns. I didn't think all those color would go together but they do and the result was pretty. I'm not sure where I can wear it but oh well...I hope you guys like it!

-The Body Shop Vitamin E intense moisturizer for very dry skin
-Sedona Lace Camouflage concealer palette
-Alba Green Tea Eye gel
-Mark's Get a Tint tinted moisturizer.
-Derma Blend setting powder

-NYX e/s in Burgundy Pearl
-NYX e/s in Silver
-L'oreal hip duo in Playful
-Sonia Kashuk gel liner in Ebony.
-Rimmel London Water proof mascara
-Creme lashes #46

-Mac blush in Gingerly

-Carmex lip balm
-Wet and Wild nude lip liner
-NYX round lip stick in Orange Soda
-NYX round lip stick in Thalia

Here is a video tutorial if you want to know how I did this look ^_^


  1. so gorgeous i love your lip color :D

  2. I do the same like you, throw in different shades as I move forward, its difficult for me to just stick on what's originally plan :) Nice look!

  3. Gorgeous! I love that these colors actually work together

  4. Love this look and the combo is great :)

  5. what a gorgeous look!! I think it'd be great for partying :D

  6. Becky that's gorgeous! And I totally know what you're talking about. Happens to me all the time! Sometimes I end up with a total disaster or a look that's way too similar to something I've already done. I feel like I've lost all creativity lol. You're inspiring me to go play with makeup tonight and HOPEFULLY come up with something blog worthy.

  7. Beautiful! Love the look. The colors look great.

  8. So pretty Becky! I love the unexpected pop of green.

  9. i surprisingly love the color combo! pretty! nice work!

  10. OMG..I LOVE LOVE this look on you...your gorgeous!! and ur skin looks amazing! ugh,, I HATE YOU :) lol..

  11. Becky! This is soooo pretty!!! I love it! You look just stunning, and those lips too, gorgeous : )
    Ooh and thank you so much for your sweet comments too, they always make me smile!!!! x