Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elle Magazine prizes are here!!

Whhhhaaaaa...finally the package I've been waiting for came yesterday. If you've been following my blog or youtube channel then you know that I submitted one of my makeup videos to Elle magazine's next video star. I was one of the weekly winners and the prize was $250 worth of makeup. Not too bad right? Anyway, I wanted to share with everyone what I got.

My little Neni had to make sure nothing illegal was inside ^_^

A Mac pigment sample in Partylicious. It's a pretty turquoise color. It's my very first Mac pigment.

Pigments are loose powder eye shadow and are supposed to be more intense than a pressed eye shadow.

Estee Lauder lipgloss in Extravagant Plum. This is my first time having a lip gloss from that brand and I'm pretty excited about it. The color is a pretty plum shade with fine multi-colored shimmers and OMG, it looks like an ordinary lip gloss but this is amazing! It actually stayed on my lips like a lip stain O_o. I guess I will have to do a review to show you guys.

Eye shadow palette from I don't know what brand lol.

Smashbox Oil Free foundation primer. It's a primer you put after moisturizer and before foundation to make it last longer. I already have a full size in my collection so I guess I'll add it to my kit.

Estee Lauder nail polish in Extravagant Night. It's a really pretty dark violet with multi-colored shimmers. It's a pretty shade but too bad I'm not into nail polishes.

Estee Lauder nail polish in Extravagant Pearl. It's a pretty shimmery Champagne shade. The bottle is solid and heavy lol. You can knock someone out with it, I swear!

Urban Decay Urban Lash in Enigma. I guess you can say that this is my very first high end false lashes. It's made out of plastic and I can probably use it for a fantasy makeup look.

Yves Saint Laurent Radiance Enhancing Flawless foundation in #3. This foundation awesome if it was my shade lol. You can also kill a bird with this one because the packaging is a hard solid bottle.

Eeeeekk! Its way too white on me lol.

A bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier perfume in Classique. I'm not a perfume person but this is pretty cool to have. I like the sexy bottle :)

Watch my Video entry if you want ^_^

That's all folks. Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

"But when I went on the stage to do a show, I would put on makeup because I felt that it enhanced my act; it drew attention to what I was doing."
Little Richard


  1. Congrats on winning this awesome prize :). You totally deserve it for all the hard work you've been putting into your blog and youtube videos!

  2. oh wow that is so awesome that you won! congrats!! and $250 worth of make up? that would last me for years LOL

  3. omg! so love the prices :) you deserve it

  4. yay congrats those are some awesome prizes!!

    You may be interested in the giveaway im doing too. Im giving away $115 worth of cargo cosmetics check it out http://www.facesbyfarah.com/2010/08/enter-big-cargo-cosmetics-and.html

  5. Those are great prizes! What a great way to pop your Mac Pigment Cherry. :P Congratulations, hun!

  6. OMGGG you are so, so lucky!! Enjoy your goodies (=

  7. CONGRATS!!!! You got a lot of really good stuff!!

  8. Congrats girl!!! I hope you enjoy all of these precious goodies. And... we will be here to see it LOL
    I'll be waitting reviews about it. Have fun with that incredible stuff ;)

  9. awesome that you won! And great haul!! hugs

  10. Congrats again Becky! So much great goodies! So exciting! Yay!

  11. wow congrats sweetie!!! lucky gal (^_^)

    hugs and kisses

  12. I love the nail polishes, especially the purple one.

    It's crazy how heavy some make-up packaging can be, huh? I actually like when things have a nice weight to them.


  13. I am sooo happy for you! You deserve all the goodies! You can definitely sell the foundation to someone who uses that shade. :)

  14. Congratulations!!! :)
    Look at all the goodies!!! :)

  15. Hey girl great prizes Congrats.

    Btw that's a full size mac pigment, they changed their packaging.

  16. Yaya! Congrats again babe..those are some fun gifts to play with..minus the super pale foundation lol