Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I won a Giveaway!!! Bead Fix Du Jour jewelry

I'm not one of those people who are lucky and win giveaways and stuff. I don't think I've ever been lucky until now lol. I won Angel's giveaway of http://swatchcrazee.blogspot.com/ . My prize is a pair of beautiful Brunch at Tiffany inspired earrings that I picked from her online jewelry store. Everything is hand made so you know that so much love was put into it ^_^ . Her online store is called  bead fix du jour. I highly suggest that you check her out! Like right now!!!

Angel is super nice and sweet because she added some things in the package like the the pretty necklace with the crystal star pendant and a cute shirt from forever21. She didn't have to do that but she did and, I am so thankful. I feel so spoiled.

She also added this super sweet note. I've never met her in person but I consider her as one of my friends too. Thank you so much for the awesome package. I really appreciate it and good luck with your new jewelry store.

So check out her online store!!!


  1. Congratulations! Those are beautiful!

  2. congrats gurl! i've never won jewelry before!

  3. congrats! I like the necklace!

  4. Congratulations! I love the necklace! Super cute :o)

  5. oh how cool congrats... the jewelry is so nice =)

  6. hey becks! i was so swamped making jewelries and missed this post. u didnt have to do a whole vid about it but i really really appreciate that u did hun! im glad u liked the extras. i've always wanted to send u a care package as my way of gratitude for supporting my yt vids and blog from the start. hugs and kisses!!!

  7. I loooove the new necklace – they look very deco. Gorgeous!

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