Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LOOK: It's Britney...B*tch!

I don't care what people say. I love Britney Spears ^_^. Yeah she had her crazy and gross moments in the past but overall she's awesome. I like her because of her dancing and her makeup. I'm really not a big fan of her singing voice but I do like a lot of her songs lol. I just contradicted myself but believe me, I do like her lol. Her song Lucky is one of my guiltiest pleasure and after all these years,I still know the lyrics and all O_o.

I've been wanting to do a Britney Spears inspired makeup for the longest time and I finally did it. I was inspired by her I'm a Slave for You music video. It's one of my fav video from her. In the video, she had some dramatic light bluish and black eyes with some nude lips. Gosh, she looked so hot in that video.

The look is dramatic so I would sport this look in a party or any night time occasion. I hope you guys like it and please watch the makeup tutorial if you want to learn how I did the look.

My makeup inspiration

I used my Manly 120 eye shadow palette I got from ebay. A lot of makeup companies carries the same palette ^_^


NYX r/l in Mars and r/lip gloss in Natural

-The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense moisturizer
-Stila Perfecting concealer
-Mark's Powder Buff powder foundation
-Mark's Mist Opportunity

-Almay Line Smoothing concealer
-Manly 120 eye shadow palette
-Sonia Kashuk gel liner in Ebony
-NYX Doll Eye mascara
-Miss Adoro lashes

-Mac blush in Gingerly

-Carmex lip balm
-Wet and Wild lip liner inWillow
-NYX round lipstick in Mars
-NYX round lip gloss in Natural

Here is the video of the makeup tutorial

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Welcome to all my new followers ^_^

"I want to be a guy, but I want to wear a lot of makeup" -Gwen Stefani


  1. U know what I love Britney too, and I dont care what people say about her, She is a great performer... I love the make up that u did =)... and oh guess what I tagged u =)

  2. Gotta love the brit brit! Beautiful FOTD! You did an amazing job with this one!

  3. Gorgeous! I will try this using my CS palette!

  4. Looks awesome! It looks just like B Spears!

  5. I love this video! I really need to try out using a dark base. I have a couple of MAC Fluidlines that should work (right?). Brittany also has a little place in my heart :)

  6. Gorgeous as always. I love the lips. :P

  7. the smokey look is amazing! i need that palette the look is hot!

  8. wow wow wow Becky!!! I remember this video well and Britney look hot here, and now..you're the hot one!!!

  9. I LOVE BRITNEY!! haha xD
    pretty sexy eyes look becky :)

  10. Wow! It is seriously one of my favorite looks that you have ever done, and that says a lot since I love them all!

  11. It's perfect for night time occasion indeed. Love the quote from Gwen Stefani. Hehe.

    Lots of love,

  12. I love this look!

    I'm not a big fan of Britney either but she has a lot of fierce looks in her older videos!

  13. Gawsh you look so pretty! :)
    I think you nailed the look!

  14. Holy Moly I love this look! I need to do it some time.

  15. WOW! Beautiful! I love all your FOTDs!

  16. Love the look!!! Great colors. And love Britney too!!

  17. i love britney too, i'm like her biggest fan ever since.. haha, up until now, i don't give a damn about people pulling her down, they just don't admit that despite the fact that she does stupid things in her life, she knows how to get back and pull herself up, and that's what I like about her. she's still on top. :) love you eotd, maybe i'll recreate some of her looks too, if I have time :)

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