Saturday, August 7, 2010

LOOK: Soft Pin up for JLovesMac1 Back to School Makeup entry.

JLovesMac1 is my new favorite makeup guru. I always watch her vlogs/makeup tutorials. She makes me laugh and she's so much fun to watch! I was excited when she announced her makeup contest and for sure I was gonna join. I don't really care if I win or not. I had fun doing her contest.

So I decided to do a soft pin up makeup look. It's a softer version of the original pin up makeup look. It's simple, very easy to do and I think its the cutest back to school makeup look. It's also a great spin on the simple neutral eye by adding the slight cat eye effect and berry tone lips. I hope you guys like it!

I used my 28 Nuetral palette to do a light contour on my eyes :)

Mark's KissInk lip maker in Red Siren. It's a long lasting lip maker. It's an awesome alternative to lipgloss and lipstick. You can buy it here

-The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture
-Stila Perfecting concealer
-Mark's Get a Tint tinted moisturizer in Golden/Honey
-Mark's Powder Buff Foundation

-Almay Line Smoothing concealer
-Mark's Powder Buff foundation
-28 Neutral palette
-NYX e/s in Highlight

-Mac blush in Gingerly

-Wet and Wild lip liner in nude
-Mark's Lip KissInk Marker

Watch Jarmaine's makeup contest video here.

and watch my makeup tutorial here ^_^

Make the most of your summer while you can! and back to school is just around the corner ^_^

"I don't think makeup is rocket science or a cure for cancer"- Cindy Crawford

 Have an awesome one! 


  1. good luck

    you look super lovely ,,, fresh n clean makeup =)

  2. You look great with the polka dots, so cute!

  3. Looking gorgeous as ever, love! Adore the look :)

  4. I love that fresh and dewy look. It's gorgeous. The red top is cute too.


  5. Wow you really got a perfect skin ^^ you are so lucky

  6. You did an amazing job! I hope you win!

  7. I love your videos and hope you win too! x

  8. Becky, I know you nkow how much i love your FOTDs but this is off topic, your top is gorgeous!!!!

  9. I like how your eyeliner fades as the wing goes high.
    Girl... red suits you. On your lips and on clothing. You are totally a Cool/Winter. =D

  10. Yeahhhhhhhhh love this look, you're gorgeous :)
    The lips are great, love your top ;)

  11. Dang pin up looks never work on me as good. haha. You look hawt! I hope you win, Becky :)

  12. Becky! I know I say this a lot but you are so gorgeous! What is your skin regiment? You have flawless skin!!!!

    I love this look- and I think I must have that neutral palette! Hehehe

  13. good luck beautiful!! and lol at your chanel comment, yeah now that I think about it, my living room furniture and my bedroom furniture combined is LESS than a chanel purse even before the price hike!