Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OMG 50% off on all ELF Studio Line products!!!

Just wanna share the love to all of you guys. ELF is having their fabulous 50% off on all of their Studio line makeup. Go check it out!'

CODE: ESTUDHA with orders of $20 or more. 
ENDS: 8/30/10


  1. noooooooo...not more temptation, I just placed a hautelook and nonpareleil boutique order....i guess ill have to skip on this,,,, :(

  2. it's not even a temptation - it's pure seduction. haha!
    thank you for sharing this, Becky! :)

  3. I'm from the UK and I was praaaying this would work here too, but after filling my basket with £22.50's worth of stuff, no discount :( COME ON ELF UK HELP ME OUT HERE

  4. thanks for the share! ive only now started to try elf products since theyve become more accessible through target.

    just stopping through to let you know i left something for you on my blog!

  5. omg really, dammmmn I need some more stuido stuff, I need to stock up, thanks for letting us know!