Friday, August 27, 2010

Crazy Cheap Makeup Haul at Downtown L.A.

Who doesn't like a great bargain? I'm a cheapskate and I like to save money whenever I can. I happen to live in a city where anything can either be ridiculously expensive or insanely cheap. And I happen to know where those cheap places are lol. They are not the cleanest and you might walk next to a bum but I don't care as long as I save money. Here are some of the spots I go for inexpensive makeup.

I start walking on Los Angles st. and 7th street going down 3rd st and these places are really close to each other.

 Misty Perfumes and Cosmetics. They sell everything NYX cosmetics in wholesale or by the piece for really cheap. It's cheaper than online prices and way cheaper than Imats. I used to get all my NYX lipglosses and round lipsticks here for $9 for a dozen. I was really disappointed because the sales man told me that they stopped selling them for that price unless I buy $200 worth of makeup. I'm not sure if he's telling the truth because in my experience these wholesale retailers are sometimes inconsistent with their prices. I'll go back and try again ^_^

It's like NYX heaven inside.

530 S Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013           
   (213) 627-4989     

Downtown Beauty and Cosmetic. This is the very first makeup wholesale retailer I discovered a long time ago.  It's a pretty small place but they have everything from NYX makeup and other unknown makeup brands, makeup tools, brushes, nail design/tools and etc. The sales people are really nice but they watch you like a hawk to make sure you don't steal anything lol. I even got yelled at for taking this picture inside O_o

519 South Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1419  
            (213) 892-0620     

This is a random whole sale retail store that I've been to several times. I'm not sure what the name is. They sell a lot of girlie things from makeup (a lot of drugstore makeup), skin care, accessories and other random things. Don't expect anything fancy because a lot of their things are all over the place and the stuff are dusty and old. This time that I went, they were surprisingly pretty organized and everything was easy to find and the sales people were very attentive and helpful.

I found this big tub of nothing but Milani Eye Shadow singles being sold for 5 for $5. OMG. It's funny because last time I came to this place, they were selling them for 3 for $5. Of course, I was all over this. The only problem was the makeup was eating so much dust and some are broken. I had to ask for a paper towel because I had to clean each eye shadow that I picked. But I didn't care at all because the eye shadows were all sealed and unused.

Here are the stuff that I got. They are so gorgeous. Milani eye shadows are the best drugstore eye shadows! Heck, they're the best period!

430 South Los Angeles st
Los Angeles Ca 90013

The last place I went to is Hannah Beauty Supply Co. Like the others they sell all kinds of makeup from NYX, Cleancolor, LA colors, Jordana and other unknown brands for wholesale. It looks small from the outside but its pretty big inside. It took me a long time to look around. There were 2 Asian guys who were really nice and helpful and answered all my questions. I saw some Red Cherry lashes too but they were a bit pricey so I skipped it.

I got these NYX Mega Shine lip glosses for a $1 each. Sweeeeet! I found it in a random box near the entrance. They also sell NYX makeup by the piece for a really cheap price if you're looking into other stuff.

Sunshine, Silver, Cosmo, Purple Rain

261 Winston Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1413  
(213) 892-0766

If you are in the Los Angeles area or if you're planning to visit here soon. I highly suggest that you visit the Downtown area. It's not the cleanest place on earth but you won't be complaining once you start saving.

Things you need to know before you go:
  • Parking is a beeeooootch and you will find yourself circling around and you'll just get frustrated. You can find guys flagging people where to park. It's usually around $5 to park the whole day so you should be okay.
  • You will find more bums than your usual park (we have a lot of bums at our parks). They don't bother me so I don't care.
  • There's lots of trash. I seriously don't understand why the city won't take care of this problem. Shame on you Los Angeles!
  • If you are a tourist, please don't act like one. I see them walking here all the time looking either lost, clueless or amazed. Sales people will eat you alive and will rip you off left and right and will raise prices on you, so act cool.
  • ...with that being said, I did notice that sales people can be shady at times. Some places that I've been to has changed their prices many times up and down. If you're not happy with the price they give you then just move on to another store.
  • Don't be shy to bargain. Always ask if you can get discount. especially if you're buying a lot. You can even save more money just by asking.
  • Good luck! Whatever happens, you will leave this places very satisfied ^_^.
That's about it. My next haul post will be a fashion haul at Downtown L.A. It's better and cheaper than the famous L.A. Alleys. ( they rip people off all the time at the Alleys)

Here is youtube video I did if you want to see/hear me talk about my haul ^_^

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."  ~Bo Derek


  1. oh my goodness so much make up... it almost looks like a candy store heheh =)

  2. Oh my. That is NYX makeup heaven! :P

  3. Wow!!Great stuff!!I love when you can find inexpensive make up but still good!!

  4. Great finds! I haven't gone to downtown la in FOREVER, in years!

  5. So funny that you posted about this. I was just talking about buying cheap fashion & makeup in DTLA w/ my co-worker earlier today (or rather a 12 hours ago when it was still Friday), and really wanted to go there so badly! I still do, especially after you posted these stores! I forgot about wholesale NYX makeup in DTLA - gah, this makes me want to go so bad, but I'm too chicken to go by myself & the BF would not appreciate being dragged around LOL :(

  6. WOW!! I liked this post a lot. You have great prices for cosmetics there. Here in Spain,NYX is cheap but,.... not as much as in USA.
    Thanks forsharing your make up places with us :)

  7. I LOVE THIS POST!!! ahh envy you can get NYX soo cheap.. NYX is quite expensive brand here T_T
    and LA Cosmetic store AWESOME.. i should build one store like that in my country one day lol :D
    thanks for sharing this :D

  8. wow awesome ! it is really an NYX heaven ,, <3

  9. wow!! great deal! I love Milani e/s as well...

  10. Wow, great finds! I'm always looking for good quality makeup that is cheap! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. great finds!!! sad that i haven't seen NYX cosmetics here in canada =(

    come visit my blog and hope you follow if you liked it. thank you! :)

  12. wow that place looks great! when i was in texas (it was in a small town) the only place to buy NYX was from ULTA and it was a little more expensive than online prices :(

  13. Awwww I miss The Alley! I used to go there all the time and have an Alley Dog (hot dog with mustard/onions/mayo) and shop 'til I drop...They also have amazing deals on jewelry. Now I want some of the pineapples chunks with chili powder sold out of a cart! hahaha I miss Cali (tear)

  14. Dang thanks girlfriend I just knew about misty. Thanks for the other ones. :)

  15. This is one of the reasons I love LA!!!
    Good finds (:
    Love your blog! New follower :D

  16. I pass by these stores almost daily and am always looking for good makeup deals. Totally appreciate this post!

  17. Great post!!! I need to go there. I haven't been around there in a while.. Thanks for posting.

  18. I love it. I actually discovered NYX cosmetics during a trip to San Diego. I'm so glad I came across it and I'm shocked it's not more popular! I've only tried the eyeshadows, but to say the least they're amazing. And cheap! I found a three color set in a store in the mall for 3 bucks! That's the cheapest I've seen it though. Every now and then I'll come across it in an outline store or drugstore and the prices are always at least double that. Regardless, I think it's a fantastic investment when it comes to eyeshadow :)

  19. OMG! Best. Post. Ever. :D

    This is sooooo helpful I can't even express it in words! It makes me want to get in my car and drive 2-1/2 hours RIGHT NOW to get at all these great deals.

    I'm sooo bookmarking this page for my next trip to LA. Thank you thank you! :D

  20. aw man your cheap make up haul makes me wanna live in LA! that's so awesome u found NYX makeup for cheap. in Canada here it's just so expensive.

  21. Great post! I love getting makeup from beauty supply stores, they have the best MAC dupes:)

  22. hate it when people put dt la stores on blast. it's been a secret for so long :P

  23. I LOVE MISTY'S!! I go there and that beauty supply across the street for lashes and for all of my NYX needs. So much cheaper than the website and you don't have to wait for delivery. The only downside is if you don't go in the morning (9-10am) there's MEGA traffic and you'll have to park in one of those hole in the wall lots.

  24. woah i definatley have to go shopping with you. Those are some crazy good deals. Are they like old makeup? that's the only fear because sometimes our dollar tree has good deals but usually on expired stuff.

  25. Thanks for the info I went this year for IMATS and went to the Misty store we found the products that they weren't selling at IMATS thanks again!

  26. if I ever want to go in LA I might want to have you as our tour guide for cheaper makeup price! :P

  27. I love your blog because it's like a "underground guide to shopping in LA." Since I'm not from LA, when I visit I try to write down the places to hit up. I've written several stores already from your blog, so hopefully I get to visit soon. Thank you for sharing the information!

  28. Can anyone buy in bulk or did you need a business license/tax ID or something?

    1. you can buy in bulk they hardly ever ask for a

  29. Thank you for info about Cheap Makeup Haul!!!

  30. I am from South America and I have a cosmetics retail store, never been to LA but where like to go there for wholesale shopping,is this the area?