Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Must See September Favorites 2010

I admit, I'm a bit nosey. I like to watch other girls on youtube do their "monthly favs". They talk about makeup or skincare products they love to use for that certain month. It can either be old or new makeup finds, new skin care products or new found product love. It gives me an idea on products that people are loving and for some reason these types of videos where people just ramble on entertains me lol ^_^

So here are my favorites for this month of September. It's mix of old and new makeup/skincare finds. I hope you guys find it helpful.

1. Say Yes to Cucumbers. I am all over anything that has cucumbers. I love the clean and fresh scent it has and I like to eat it and put it in my sandwiches too ^_^. I'm glad I picked this up because I see myself buying more of these in the future. It takes my whole makeup off pretty well and I use it to freshen up my face at work.

2. NYX Doll Eye mascara. How many times have i mentioned this amazing mascara in my videos and blogposts? A lot! This is the mascara that I use the most ever since I got it. It doesn't look anything special but it does some amazing things to my lashes. It lengthens and volumize my lashes like there's no tomorrow. Ok, I'm exaggerating but it really is really good!

3. Rimmel London Fix and Perfect foundation primer. I currently have a thing for foundation primers O_o. I sometimes use them by itself and always underneath whatever foundation I choose to wear. I bought this because I've been lemming on it for awhile and I saw many blogger friends who uses it so I got it when I was at my local CVS. I really like it. Like any other face primers, it keeps my foundation still for a long time. The texture is not as smooth as the Smashbox photofinish foundation primer but it's still smooth and works well.

4. Revlon lipstick in Peach. This is the only shade I got when this line of lipstick came out this summer and it's one of my fav lipsticks at the moment. It's a beautiful Peach color, beautiful on its own because of the nice sheen and finish it has. You don't need the help of a lip gloss to enhance the life of the color.

5. Rimmel London lipstick in Spotlight Beige. Every makeup addict needs a good nude lipstick that matches their skin tone and doesn't make them look like Snookie. This lipstick is a perfect nude for my medium skin tone. It doesn't wash me out and it looks very natural. Also, the texture is smooth and moisturizing. It's great for everyday use and smokey eyes for night time.

6. Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation in Golden Caramel. Who hasn't heard of this lovely foundation? If you haven't then get on board and get yourself one. It has great coverage and it really stays on my face regardless if I wear a primer or not. Like what it's "color stay".

"The sweetest thing a guy said is that I look pretty with or without makeup".-Vanessa Hudgens


  1. ohhh NXY doll Eye mascara is one of my fav too!! ♥ :D
    ahh we dont have say yes to cucumber here T_T i want to try it. thanks for sharing becky ♥

  2. Haven't tried the NYX Doll Mascara, you make me want to try it now!!!

  3. love all your products I have to try that NYX mascara new follower hope you can follow too

  4. You are the second person who suggested that Revlon lipstick. Now I am seriously thinking about it.

  5. I love my Fix and Perfect from Rimmel also! I like those 2 lipsticks!

  6. Great faves Becky! Oooh I wanna try that makeup wipes, I love cucumber too! NYX is 40% at Ulta right now, I might go check out that mascara. And I love Revlon's lipstick, they are moisturizing!

  7. I love that Revlon foundation and NYX mascara!

  8. Cucumber is such a great, fresh smell! I love anything cucumber scented as well =) I should really try these make up remover cloths!

  9. haha I love cucumbers too, cucumber salad is amazing, though they have like no nutrition in it but man they taste amazing

  10. Great Sept Favs! That reminds me to buy more of the NYX Doll Eye mascara, I ran out of like 6mos ago and tried diff one and never got to pick up one.


  11. Great! Keep up your "monthly favorites" videos- they're awesome!

  12. great faves becky :) followed you. looking forward to more product reviews.


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