Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crazy Cheap Clothing Haul (San Pedro Wholesale Mart/L.A.) Pt.2

This is going to be Part 2 of my L.A. Bargain Clothing haul where I'm going to show you guys where I love to shop in L.A. specifically in the Downtown/Fashion District area. Click HERE to check my previous bargain haul. Anyway, I'm excited to share this information with you guys because this place is an absolute bargain shopping heaven for me. I've been coming to this place for years since high school. My friend Esmeralda took me to this place and ever since, I pretty much stopped buying clothes at the mall. Well not really lol, I still go to the mall but I just go straight to the sale section ^_^

San Pedro Wholesale Mart
Located in the Fashion District on 11th and San Pedro st not too far from the Flower district and famous Santee Alley.  This mall consists of hundreds of wholesale retailers who sells clothes in bulks or by the dozen. It's open to the public only on Saturdays from 7am-11am or a little later. It's so cool how you can buy new clothes for a really crazy cheap price. I'm talking about deals like 3 for $10, 4 for $10, $5 on dresses, $10 on jeans, denim jackets, prom dresses and etc. It's really amazing and, your $50 will take you  along way and it's TAX FREE!

People come here every Saturday from all over L.A. county with their huge luggage, yes a huge luggage ready to be filled with clothes and stuff. I get anxious and I get this rush when I start shopping. There's so many cute clothes and they always in trend, no joke! Also, a lot of familiar brand names like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal and many more can be found here.

I always come home with several huge and heavy black plastic bags. I know they're ugly for shopping bags but I don't care!!!

All of these clothes are worth $80-90 bucks. Every time I go, I spent about $60-90 bucks. I can go whenever I want because I live 10 minutes away.

This is kind of the overview of the mall but this is not the whole thing because there are more in the back. Also, newly opened wholesale mall behind and next to this one just opened. It will be in my next clothing haul post^_^

There are 2 levels filled with nothing but racks of clothes everywhere OMG!

This photo is an example of a typical sign for pricing that you will see everywhere

This photo is pretty cool!. This is just 1/3 of the back of the mall. There's more on the other end. It feels like its never ending, no joke! This is around 7am.

I can only show you guys photos but you seriously have to be at this place to fully understand my excitement. I love it! onto my haul, I always start at the back of the mall because I noticed that the prices are even more cheaper in the back.Then I work my way to the middle I save the front for last.

I got these 4 jackets for $10 in a store called EBE. These are sample jackets. The 2 denim jackets are new, undamaged and they fit perfectly.

On the other hand, these light blue and black jacket has holes in them and a sign that says SAMPLE are written inside with a marker. Even though, they're kind of damage, I don't really care since they can be fixed.

Next to the EBE is a store called 03EVERLY where they sell dresses for $5. All these cute dresses are $5 each

I especially love this metallic silver grayish dress. It's so flirty and girly and it's only $5!

They were also selling 3 for $10 tops and cardigans so I got these.

This long sleeves shirt reminds me of something you would see at Forever21 or H&M.

I got these super cute Jeggings somewhere in the middle of the mall for $7 each. Jeggings are in between tights and jeans. So they are super tight and stretchy jeans. These are actually my first Jeggings and I'm glad I didn't pay a lot for them ^_^

I got this dark gray cardigan by Fredericks of Hollywood for $5.

Aubergine cardigan for $5

This jacket with a furry hood is only $10

Cute striped hot pink and black hoodie by Wetseal was only $5. The tag is still on it.

I got this silk cardigan by George Me, a walmart brand for $8 bucks. One of my subbie friends told me this was a UK brand. Its the cutest grandma cardigan and fits nice and comfortable. I love it!

Black lacey and ruffly top and striped blue and white dress for $4 each!

Things you must know:
-This place is only open to the public on Saturdays from 7-11am or a little later. Yes, people do get up super early on a Saturday to shop and, I suggest to go early because so you can find good a good parking spot.

-There is parking on top of the building. It's $5 bucks for 4 hours.

-All the clothes being sold are brand new and most still have tags on them.

-I don't recommend bringing your kids. It gets really crowded.

-There are slight damages in some of the clothes. Inspect before you buy. The clothes with holes will be in a specific rack.

-There is no dressing room. You just have to know your size.

-Cash only. They don't accept credit cards. However, an ATM machine can be found on the second level.

-Tax free and no receipt so all sales are final.

-It's 50cents to use the bathroom and it's pretty clean.

-There's an on site Food Court on the second level. Yummy Korean food!

I know this is way to long already but thank you for reading and for being patient. Hopefully this was helpful to some of you and do check this place out if you're in the L.A. area. Hey, you might even bump into me lol.


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  2. That black top with details on the shoulders really does remind me of something I saw on Forever21! You are such a smart shopper, Becky!

  3. I'm so jealous of your nice finds!! haha :)

  4. Thank you sooo much for sharing! I don't live close to Pedro, but Justin and I will definitely go one weekend! I love your SoCal finds! :)

    You look FANTASTIC in everything!!!

  5. omg i sould go shopping with you lol. now i know about this place im going this coming weekend!! ♥

  6. Oh my goodness you are so lucky!!!! I wish I live near that area!!! :-) Great finds!!!

  7. WOW! thats a lot! great finds!


  8. Super awesome finds!! :) I grew up in LA and never been to any of these places! Hmm, this must be the fashion district in LA, somewhere Downtown :) I hope I can visit this place when I come visit my parents :D

  9. Omgosh, I haven't been there in a while. I want to go now!!! Great deals!

  10. omgosh! i love your haul! goodness, we need something like that here in hawaii. i would go crazy! ;)

  11. To...die...for! lol...I love my New York, but I don't think we have a place like this and I'm super jealous lol

  12. OMG! Too bad I live in Wisconsin otherwise I would so be there! Uber jealous

  13. Becky! I'm utterly jealous of those dresses! I live in the valley so this is going to be a drive that's worth it! :))

    I'm telling my husband to take me there. This reminds me of Greenhills in the Philippines. :)

  14. OMG I just passed out... you are beyond lucky
    I have to go there

  15. You really covered everything to get cheap cloths.

    I used kohls coupon codes 30% to get 50% to 80% off.

  16. I cant believe in all the times Ive been to downtown LA i have NEVER heard of this.... I almost want to pee on myself right now...SMH

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  21. Omg you are really a smart shopper! Should difanatly go with you next time.
    P.S a loving your blog

  22. Hi Becky!!
    my husband, 26 year old daughter & me are visiting LAFD next week, and your videos and info have been very helpful.
    We are shopping for the first time for our retail stores here in Costa Rica, so we want nice cardigans and jeans, like the ones you found!
    Do you have stores names??Suggestions?

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  25. Thank you - this is very helpful information.
    Can you tell me how to purchase there other than saturdays? do you just need a tax ID number. I live in NC and I am planning a trip there.


  26. Thank you - this is very helpful information.
    Can you tell me how to purchase there other than saturdays? do you just need a tax ID number. I live in NC and I am planning a trip there.



  28. This place has been shut down by the police. Most vendors are relocating to LA Face Mart.. It's located about a block or two from the San Pedro Mart

  29. WOWWWWW! thats a lot! great finds!
    Thanks for sharing us a great information that is actually helpful.

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  33. Wow. It looks like realy great market. My uncle lives in the village and every sunday they have big market. It is realy nice.

  34. You're lucky for living near in a place like that. I love shopping and I love those Everly dresses too! :)

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