Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Carmex has a competition...Yes to Carrots lip butter in Melon

 This product review is based on my own personal experience. It may or may not work for you.

I love my Carmex lip balm. I've been a Carmex girl for a long time. I use it on myself and my clients whenever I do makeup. I've tried other lip balms of course but I always come back to my Carmex until I tried the Yes to Carrots lip butter in Melon.

I've seen youtube videos on some of the Yes to Carrots products but not the lip butters so I didn't know what to think of it. I got it at my local Walgreens during my random  "I'm bored, I don't know what else to do" days. Yeah, I get those from time to time and the drugstore is one of my favorite places to stop by just O_o.

My upper lip felt rough and really dry and my Carmex wasn't effective for some odd reason. I was in need of a new one that works. I don't wanna say my Carmex has let me down but it just wasn't working for me at the moment. At the drugstore, there are so many lip balm to choose from but this one got my attention because of the bright Orange-y packaging and it was next to the Yes to Cucumber makeup wipes which I love so much. It's only  $2.99, very affordable so I had nothing to lose. Man, I'm glad I bought it because it was the best 3 bucks I've spent that day lol. This stuff really works! The condition of my lips got better in just a couple of days. It's amazing! Am I going crazy? Probably but seriously, it worked wonders for me!

You must know that there are 4 kinds of Yes to products to choose from - Yes to Cucumbers for sensitive skin Yes to Blueberries for aging skin, Yes to Tomatoes for oily skin  and Yes to Carrots for dry/normal skin. It's a very interesting company with a great purpose. Go to their website to find out more information.

WHAT: Product claims :  A beautiful smile will brighten your face, but what brightens a beautiful smile? Your lips- soft, smooth and shining! Yes To Carrots USDA Organic Lip Butters conditions, invigorates and revitalizes your lips, moisturizing to keep them the smoothest and softest they can be (source: YesTo Website)
 It's made out of all natural ingredients, Paraben, Petroleum and Phthalate free and all products are not tested on animals. 
 The lip butters are also available in Mint, Citrus, Carrot, Berry.

WHERE: at drugstores. I got mine at Walgreens. 

PRICE: $2.99

ODOR:  It has a light Melon scent to it. It smells delicious.

PACKAGING:  It comes in a small tube where you twist at the bottom to push the product up.

TEXTURE: Smooth, non-greasy and non-sticky.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Vitamin E to really nourish and soften the lips.

  • I'm not too knowledgeable on the whole organic and all natural makeup or skin care but its a good thing this product doesn't have any harmful ingredient and fillers that will harm the skin. 
  • It contains real fruit extracts
  • It really moisturizes the lips and it heals dry lips in days.
  • I love the Melon scent to it and it's not over powering.
  • It's non-sticky.
  • It stays on the lips for a good while.
  • You don't have to re apply many times through out the day. 
  • It's affordable

  • Nothing that I can think of.
FINAL THOUGHT:   I love this stuff and I highly recommend it to everyone. I get excited on products that does what it says. For me, I saw an improvement in just a couple of days, no joke! I guess it has something to do with all the natural ingredients in it but heck, whatever it is, it really works! I use it everyday in the morning and before I go to bed. Also, I love how it stayed on my lips for a long time and I didn't feel the need to re apply every minute or so because my lips still felt soft. Don't get me wrong, I still like you Carmex but I have to put you aside for now because this one is my new favorite ^_^

Go get it you guys, you wont regret it!

Everyday Makeup blog verdict: It's a YAY!

"I find it a great antidote...lipstick, mirrors and hairspray"- Joanna Lumley


  1. when I got my Dr Bronner lip balm, I also was considering getting this one. But just like you, I didn't hear anything about this lip butter so I skipped it. Looks like I will have to pick one up now :) great review

  2. Great review! I actually am looking for a new lip balm because mines ain't cutting it lol. Next time I go shopping I'm for sure stopping by Walgreens.

  3. awesome review. i am sure we sell yes To in canada ....
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ... vividfusion.blogspot.com ....Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  4. Thanks for the great review. I always wondered about this brand, I wanted to try it, trying the lip balm might be a good start. Im a sucker for good lip balms.

  5. thanks for the review :) i think i need it. by the way burt's bee is a great lipbalm too

  6. I love this lip balm! I use the exact same one, in the same Mango scent :D

  7. hmmm

    i have this too but it doesn't seem to work on me like it does for you.. I got it as prize before...

    it just really sits on top & doesn't moisturize my lips..in fact it does the opposite on me!

    It feels like it's drying my lips out...zapping the moisture away.

    But i love the melon scent..i just don't use this anymore..i'd rather use Nivea Creme on my lips (yes, the one in blue tub!)

  8. If there is a serious competition between Carmex and Yes to, then this product must be really good. Yey to cheap yet effective products! :P

  9. I have such an obsession with lip balms lately, so I'm pretty sure I need this. Thanks so much!

  10. thanks for the review :) i was looking for a lipbalm anyway!!

  11. I have always been curious about this brand, but have yet to try it out. This review has convinced me! Thanks Becky =)

  12. That sounds really good!! For a lip balm person myself, I have not yet tried Yes to Carrots! I've been religiously using my Burt's Bees with Pomegrante oil which works just as well, but possibly not as buttery of a texture as yours. Will pick some up when I get bored and visit a drugstore. I do that too!! :)

  13. i need a new chapstick 4 the winter def gonna check this one out

  14. Wow I have to get it. In melon? Sounds soo yummy!