Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sephora App for Iphone!

This is for all of you beauty and tech-y junkies out there! Sephora app is now available for your iphone. It's called SephoraToGo. You can stay updated on the latest beauty trend, watch and learn makeup tips, keep track of your Beauty Insider points, read reviews on your favorite beauty products and shop, all in your finger tips. This is pretty awesome!

Don't have an iphone? Don't worry, you can still download this app on other smart phones . Go to to find out more info.


  1. *Gasps* I definitely need to try this Sephora app, I LOVE their products!!!

    Make sure to check my blog too! :)


  2. I'm downloading it now as I type. hahaha! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Omg this app is awesome! thanks for the info!


  4. AWESOME!! thanks for the inside scoop! lol ;)