Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spotlight Beige is my new fav nude....Rimmel London Moisture Renew lipstick

Can a girl ever have enough nude lipsticks? I don't think so lol. I just love a good nude lipstick that looks natural. My new Rimmel London Moisture Renew lipstick in Spotlight Beige is my current favorite nude lipstick. It's creamy, moisturizing and it gives the most beautiful and natural shade on my lips.

WHAT: The website  says "Ultimate Colour Indulgence with SPF 15 Protection: Now infuse lips with perfectly luscious, luminous and richer colour: a wide and fine selection of perfectly blended, sumptuous shades. Caring color complex of vitamin A, C, E and anti-oxidants and SPF15 protects lips from everyday damage". (source:

WHERE: You can easily get this at your local drugstores.

PRICE: $7 or less.

SCENT: To me, it has a weird smell to it. It smells like like an old lipstick  O_o. But honestly, it doesn't really bother me. I just won't smell it.

FINISH: It has a creamy satin finish which gives a  nice shine and glossy finish on your lips. No need for lip gloss.

COVERAGE: sheer to medium but buildable.

TEXTURE: creamy and moisturizing

The website says it has spf 15 but the packaging says spf 18. Not that it matters but I just noticed it lol

-Very affordable
-It suits many skin tones especially medium skin tones.
-It looks very natural on me so its great for everyday use.
- The coverage can be from sheer to medium.
-Non-drying and very moisturizing
-Applies very smooth and creamy. It's really nice.
-It has spf 18 to protect your lips.

-The scent may be bothersome.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I really love this lipstick/shade. It looks really nice and natural which makes it very wearable and awesome for everyday use. Also, it never dries my lips which is amazing! I recommend it to all skin tones especially with medium skin tones like me ^_^.

Everyday Makeup blog verdict: This product is a YAY!

"A husband is a guy who tells you if you've got on too much lipstick and helps you with your girdle when your hips stick" - Ogden Nash


  1. pretty color! i like rimmel's packaging :)


  2. nice color and the packaging looks elegant

  3. the color suits you well :)

  4. The shade is really pretty on you :) A girl can never have too many nudes :D You're right about that!

  5. hi becky ,, love the color ,,
    it looks pretty on u

  6. The packaging looks better than their other lipsticks. I have to agree that that is such a pretty shade and it looks lovely on your lips. :)

  7. oh love this color! so much better than the other nudes ive seen! xo

  8. that's an excellent color on you! I have nude delight and I love the formula but the color is perhaps a little too nude. I'll definitely go check if they have this color in stock where I am!

  9. I blogged about this color also. Love it!! the only thing i can say bad about it is the scent.
    It also reminds me of MAC's Hug me lipstick, another fav. of mine! :)

  10. Love this color. Thanks for posting this review..

  11. i'm a nude lippie junkie! gotta check this out. thanks chica. =)

  12. This is my favorite hands down from rimmel as well as neutrogena "just whisper" (I believe I purchased those around the same time).

  13. Such pretty color. :)

  14. Super pretty! You look gorgeous in this shade!!!!

  15. OMG looks soo GREAT on you!!! Stephie (stephielaclac) loves this lipstick too. I soo need to go get it! :) Thank you for the fantastic review!

  16. Such a gorgeous color!!! It looks so good on you!!! :-) Love it!!!

    Thank you for your sweet comment! The follow button is at the upper left side of my page. :-) You can't see it? :-|

  17. Ooooo I love this color! I used to wear lipstick but then got lazy and just put gloss are making me want to wear it now..Hehhehehe

  18. Wow !!! I just love that color !!!! beautiful

  19. bought this last week because of you lol!

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