Sunday, October 17, 2010

...Where Becky Loves to Bargain Shop in L.A/Haul (must see and pic heavy!!!) Pt.1

I love a good bargain! I think everyone does right? I love the feeling of getting something so cheap for something that's worth a lot. This post is going to show you all the places where I love to bargain shop for clothes...super duper cute clothes and they are all new, never used and most are familiar brand names (not that I care about brand names ^_^) It's going to be in the Los Angeles specifically in the Downtown area and the awesome Fashion District. Hopefully this post will be helpful to my fellow Angelenos or if you're not from here and if you get a chance to visit my city then definitely stop by these places ^_^

WARNING: Pic heavy O_o

1.Fallas Paredes
Fallas Paredes #101

449 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA. 90013 US
(213) 532-8900

Located in Downtown by the Jewelry Distric and is the very first and original Fallas Paredes. It's a family discount store and they carry men's, women's and children's clothing, uniforms, and even toys. I remember coming here when I was in the 10th grade. I remember the clothes used to be tacky and the store was messy and really old. But now everything looks nice, well at least the inside lol and, the clothes are in trend. Visit their website to find out more about the store's history HERE

They are known for the bright construction orange plastic bags ^_^

It's a 2 story building. The first level are men's and children's clothing and the second level are all women's and juniors clothing, intimate apparel, sleep wear and shoes ^_^

They carry a variety of brands that I've never heard of and familiar brand names like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Wet Seal, Apple Bottoms, Baby Phat and other brands that you can find at Sears, Kohls, JC Penny and Walmart. Everything for a crazy cheap price.

For example, these are some price tags showing you how affordable the clothes are. (from left) Charlotte Russe dress for $7.99 and original price is $15.99 and, Papaya black dress for $9.99 and it used to be $30.00
They also have a huge section of sleep wear ^_^

I got this super cute plaid yellow and black jacket by Paris Blues for only $9.99
and a pj set by Don't Disturb for $6.00.
They are both super cute and, I love plaids!!!

Things you must know:
-They don't have a dressing room. I know it's weird but you just have to really know your size. But they have a decent return policy so you can always return the clothes if it doesn't work out.

-I feel like they don't have enough people to help you but then again you are paying for the super  affordable clothes and not customer service so I really don't care.

-The clothes that they carry varies from store to store.

Visit their website to see if there is a store near you. They have stores in California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada


2. I forgot the name of this store O_o
I know I'm lame but iti s half a block away from Fallas Paredes. I have to edit this post once find out the name. Sorry guys! Anyway, like Fallas Paredes, it's also a discount store and they carry men's, women's and children's clothes. You can also find random, unknown and also familar brand name clothes for super affordable price. 
Don't be fooled by this "Everything Must Go Sign". They will go under renovation as the owner told me but they are not closing. These signs were put up to attract more customers. It works!

I noticed they have a lot of Dickies clothing, uniforms and brands like Miley Cyrus (ha! I didn't even know she has her own clothing line) and other brands all mixed together

I got a tank top by Miley Cyrus for $3.00 and a red jacket by Free Culture for $8.00. It was originally $14.99 at the store but I asked the owner for more discount and, he was nice enough to give it to me for 8 ^_^

Things you must know:
-The place is a little unorganized. Some areas are random where different clothes are all mixed in one rack. But again, I don't care because everything is cheap!

-Don't expect an attentive sales people to greet and help you. Times that I've gone, there was only one person helping the customers and you're pretty much on your own.

-There is no dressing room and, I'm not sure if they have a return policy.

-You can ask for a more discount, just be nice ^_^ Geesh, I'm so cheap huh? Hey but it doesn't hurt to ask right?


3. Rainbow
745 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone: (213) 622-8440

My first time at a Rainbow store was back in my 2nd yr in college in UC Riverside. They had a store in the Moreno Valley mall which was 10 minutes away from Riverside. They carry women's, junior's and children's clothing/uniforms. This store kind of reminds me of Forever 21. Their style is quite similar and their prices are almost the same. But I notice Rainbow has more stuff on sale.

$3-7 signs are everywhere for their back to school sale.

I got this demim mini skirt by Dollhouse for $5.00 Dollhouse clothes are expensive for my taste so I was surprised to find it in the store on sale ^_^. Check out this same exact skirt being sold on their website for $36.00 and on sale for $20.00 Click HERE to see!

This cute purple and pink animal print summer scarf was on sale for $3.00. It's super cute!

Please watch out for Pt. 2 where I will show you my most favorite place to bargain shop. It's a must see!!!

hey but if you can't wait, you can watch these videos to check it out.


  1. Wow! Looks like you have done some good shopping.

  2. Ooh I loved this post! I love seeing different stores to the ones I frequent- I would love to be able to go on a shopping spree in the USA, especially on Rodeo Drive Pretty Woman style :)

  3. great post! Too bad they don't have it around here and for cheap prices like that... almost like thrift store prices I'm guessing (not that I've bought anything from a thrift store)? No one should expect much for customer service or even a fitting room. I'm not surprised with Rainbow Shop... they always have 3, 5, 7 dollar sales pretty much all year round no matter which one I've been to. I thought dollhouse is relatively cheap! O_O

  4. How fun! I've always wanted to go to the fashion district in LA. I need to one day! Great post ;)

  5. Gosh I love that pink animal print scarf and the red jacket!!
    And I didn't know Miley Cyrus got a clothing line either. LOL

  6. OMG! I have to go to buy some pajamas!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. I agree bargains are the BEST! Oh man I haven't gone to Fallas Paredes since I was like 10. And down town like since I got married, and it was for Wedding stuff. Good buys girl! :)

  8. since I'm stuck in Eu for now... I can only dream of such sales... Lucky woman

  9. Your blog very best content about fashion... I love that pink animal print scarf and the red jacket!! Looks like you have done some good shopping.

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