Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Becky's November Favorites 2010

I just want to share my favorite makeup and skin care products for this month of November. I've discovered  new loves and I included some old favorites that never fails. Here they are ^_^

The combination of the wonderful trio of NYX eye base in skin tone, Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in medium deep and Urban Decay Primer Potion is my ultimate favorite eye base that keeps my eye shadows from creasing. Were talking about 8 hours of staying power. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. Apply a small amount of the NYX eye base on the lids, brush any powder on top and finish it with the Urban Decay Primer. Crease free!!!

Wet N Wild creme lip liner in Willow. What's not to love? It's creamy, pigmented, the perfect nude for medium skin tone and it's only 99cents! 

Yes to Carrots lip butter in Melon. I raved about this lip balm on a previous review. I still love it and I use it everyday. I keep it in my purse for an easy reach whenever I need to moisturize my lips. It also smells delicious. Click here for my review.

Palladio baked blush in Choc-au-lait. It's a beautiful copper/bronzey shade with gold shimmers. It give my cheeks a nice sheen without making it look oily. Read more about it on their website.

Burt's Bees Almond Milk hand creme. This is a new love. It's rich and thick texture really moisturizes my hands for a long time. I also love the sweet almond jelly scent..so yummy! You can get this at your local drugstore.

 Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes. Love this stuff. I actually bought my 3rd pack last week. I also raved about these wipes on a previous review. It gently removes my face makeup and it has a fresh and clean cucumber scent that you will surely love...mmmm! You can purchase it at your local drugstore and click here for my review.

Cellnique Intensive Hydrating gel and Skin Action Sebum gel.These were sent to me my the company for a possible review. I'm thankful for the opportunity to try these products because they're seriously amazing! I will have a formal review on these products very soon.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. What are your favorites this month? Hopefully you can share them.


Cute Christmas Earrings

Yesterday after work, I found these super cute Christmas earrings at the Fashion District in Downtown L.A. Initially, my plan was to only get some of my favorite street food, the over stuffed Quesadillas at this one spot because I was mad craving them, ( Besides the famous bacon wrapped hotdogs, you really gotta try the stuffed Quesadillas) but I ended up walking around and checking out my favorite accessories place too. I might as well right? lol

I found these earrings at a random clothing store where everything was $1.99 on 16th and Los Angeles pl. It's not the best clothing store to shop because it was a bit messy and they had a lot of funky looking outdated clothes but they did have some really cute Christmas accessories like broaches, necklaces and earrings for only $1 each! I could have bought all of the Christmas earrings because I was so excited. They were all cute with bright and festive colors but I had to stop myself since there's no way I'm really going to wear some of them. I didn't think I could sport a huge dangling bright green Christmas trees on my ears lol. So I limited myself to 5-6 and only picked out the ones I could see myself wearing ^_^

Red and silver bow earrings with sleigh bells. They really make noise..so cute!

Red and white clip earrings that remind me of a candy cane.

Kim Rogers dangling  candy cane earrings. I'm not sure where you can find this brand but I found some being sold online. They have clothes, shoes and accessories.

I love these silver and gold snowman earrings!

Dangling snow flakes earrings with tiny rhinestones.

Dangling snowman earrings. They're pretty small and not too obvious that they're snowman. I guess I can wear this year round right? l ^_^

I wished everyone had access to the Fashion District so you can see the cool stuff I find. It really is an awesome place to find great bargains. Heck I should start selling these $1 accessories...jk

"You look for stars. You look for the makeup artist who can have long lasting careers and who could be headliners." -Clive Davis


Sunday, November 28, 2010

LOOK: Midnight Blue and Gold Holiday makeup

 It's all about shimmers, glitters and everything fun this Holiday season! I will be doing a series of Holiday makeup using fun and festive colors. This Midnight Blue and Gold makeup look will be my first one. It was requested by one my viewers on youtube. She requested a look that wasn't too Christmas-y but still pretty and festive enough to be worn on any Holiday event. I did a shimmery dark blue with gold on the inner corners of the eyes which gives a nice highlight with  peach cheeks and nude lips. It's dramatic, pretty and perfect for any night time occasion. I hope you guys like it!

My gosh, I love this top but it makes me look boobless!!! haha ^_^

I used all NYX cosmetics eye shadows. It was love at first swatch with Frosted Ocean. It was just the prettiest dark blue e/s with lots of shimmers!
Frosted Ocean, Blondie, Yellow Marigold, Highlight


-NYX eye base in skintone
-Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in medium deep
-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-NYX e/s in Brown
-NYX e/s in Frosted Ocean
-NYX e/s in Blondie
-NYX e/s in Yellow Marigold
-NYX Dolle Eye mascara in black
-Sonia Kashuk gel liner in black
-Select flase lashes

-Revlon Color Stay foundation in Golden Caramel
-Almay Line Smoothing concealer in medium
-Dermablend  Setting Powder

-Avon Smooth Minerals in Hearty Peach
-Milani Mosaic bronzer in Afterglow

-Yes To Carrots lip butter in Melon
-Wet and Wild lip liner in Willow
-Rimmel London Moisture Renew lipstick in Spotlight Beige

Watch my video tutorial on how I did this look ^_^


"No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly" -Oscar Wilde

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dermalogica Skin Kit in Oily

This is not really my skincare routine post. I've been getting a lot of request to do a skincare routine because for some reason my face appear to be smooth and flawless in photos or videos and everyone wants to know what I use. Heck, I wish my face is flawless but it's really not. I promise to make a formal post/video on my skincare but for now I'll do a review on my Dermalogica Skin Kit in Oily. I've been strictly using this kit for about a month and a half now along with other products that I'm not going to mention (I'll save that info in another post) and it's just amazing! It helps control the oil on my face and it prevents my face from breaking out and I seriously can't think of one negative thing to say about it.

I don't have sensitive skin and I find that a lot of skincare products works for me. I hardly ever break out...wait, I do breakout! I breakout a little whenever I get my period lol.  However, I do have a problem with my oily skin. My face gets oily with or without makeup through out the day especially on my t-zone area. I find it gross and annoying because I have to constantly blot my face with a blotting paper to get rid of the excess oil. All that problems went away after I discovered Dermalogica Skin Kit in Oily.

I got this at Apothica.com for only $35. Apothica.com is a sponsor of my blog and they provided me a gift card to use on their website and this kit was one of the things I got. It's a travel size full regimen skincare kit for oily skin. It also comes in other skin types like dry, sensitive and normal. The kit may look small but a little goes a long way so they will last you for a while. Also, Dermalogica full sized products are very expensive so trying out this kit was is a great deal. You get 5 products in one, what more can you ask?

You don't have to fuss and stress with this kit. You get 5 products that matches your skin type.

1. dermal clay cleanser- It's perfect for skin that produces excess oil. It's made with water-soluble Bentonite and Kaolin clay combined with menthol and botanical extracts. It's supposed to remove excess oil and refine skin's texture. I apply it to a dampen face and neck and I massage lightly with my fingers. I love how it leaves my skin feeling   so refreshed and smooth. It has a cooling sensation at the end that I really like. It also does a great job in removing excess dirt and makeup on my face. (amount: 1.7 fl oz/50 ml)

2. multi-active toner-  It's supposed to hydrate, smooth and prep the skin for moisture. It has Aloe, Lavander, Balm Mint and Arnica to help soothe the skin. I spritz it on my face and neck right after using the dermal clay cleanser. I always have to make sure I aim it on my face because I tend to miss at times lol. I love the tingling sensation that it leaves my skin and it feels really refreshing. It also has a scent that is hard to describe. I think it's more like a clean citrus-y smell. It contains no artificial fragrance or color. (amount: 1.7 oz/50ml)

3. oil control lotion- Perfect for acne and breakout prone skin. It has active sebum, Enanthia Chlorantha, Bark extract that helps control shine and prevent breakouts. I simply apply a small amount on my finger and apply it on my t-zone or other parts of my face that gets oily the most. OMG! It instantly mattifies my face and it does an awesome job in controlling oil/shine all day...no joke! It also works well under my liquid foundation. On the other hand, it works to well that I find it too mattifying at times that it dries out my cheeks. So now I make sure I only apply it on my t-zone and I use a different moisturizer for the rest of my face. (amount: 0.75 fl oz)

4. skin prep scrub- It's a skin polishing exfoliant with natural corn cob meal that helps exfloliate and get rid of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. I really enjoy this scrub which I use 2 to 3 times a week to give my face a little pick me up! I'm surprised how it didn't made my skin red because the grains are really visible and you can really feel the scrubbing action. It actually made my face really smooth like crazy! I can't stop touching my face whenever I use it. I don't mind spending a lot to buy the full size once this small bottle runs out. (amount: 0.75 fl oz. 22 ml)

5. climate control lip treatment - This is not your average lip balm. It's formulated with Anti-Ozonate complex that helps reduce dryness and helps prevent chapped lips. This is another love for me like OMG. This stuff feels so light and it sinks in right away on the lips 

I recommend Dermalogica products to everyone! They are expensive but they are great products that works. I suggest starting with their skin kit. It's an affordable way to try their products and I promise you will be pleased! Go to Apothica.com to get your kit!!!

rating: 5 of 5
availability: Apothica.com
price: $35

"I don't like standard beauty- theres is no beauty without strangeness"- Karl Lagerfeld

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I used to hate it, now I love it...Essense of Beauty Deluxe Duo brush set

I got this Essence of Beauty Deluxe Duo at my local CVS/pharmacy for $14.99. Beauty and makeup bloggers/vloggers raved about them, and the price was awesome for what you're getting, so I didn't think twice when I bought it. I got it  about a month and a half ago and yes, I waited this long to do a formal review because I had mixed feelings about it. I absolutely hated it in the beginning. It shed on me, it had this weird chemical smell on the bristles and it shed and shed some more lol. I didn't want to bash it on my blog and give a poor review, so I gave it another chance. Heck, I gave it lots of chances until I finally learned how to love it. 

 I've always loved these duo type brushes because you get 2 brushes in one which means you get more for your money. (Stila cosmetics also makes awesome duo brushes but they're more expensive)With this brush set you're really getting 6 brushes plus a free bonus eye shadow brush which makes them 7. It's an amazing deal.

 foundation and concealer brush duo and my favorite of them all. No shedding and the slight chemical odor went away after a couple of washes. The bristles were very soft and felt really nice against the skin. It also blended my liquid foundation and concealer nicely.

The blending and eye shadow brush duo. The blending brush used to shed a lot every time I washed it. The chemical smell took many washes for it to go away...so annoying! Also, I didn't like how the bristles fanned out and it was way too big to blend eye shadows. It's better for applying a light wash of colors on the lids or highlight powder on the cheekbones.

blush and powder brush. They used to shed like crazy and the chemical smell took forever to go away. The powder brush was way too small to use on the face. I won't use it for powder foundation or blush. No way! Instead, I use it to apply a highlight powder on my face. But I must point out that the bristles were very soft. It didn't prick my skin, and it applied powders very nicely.

This was the free bonus eye shadow brush but I'm calling it a blender brush because I used it to blend eye shadows. The bristles used to shed too, but eventually went away.

Overall, I like this brush set. It wasn't the best in the beginning, but it was able to win my heart in the end. It just took a little patience on my part. Also, the price was awesome for what you're getting so I couldn't complain.

Availability: CVS pharmacy
Price: $14.99

Monday, November 22, 2010

Get A Tint on your face

I love makeup but it doesn't mean that I have to wear it all the time. As a matter of fact, I don't wear foundation everyday. I can go out with a bare face and not even care. I just wear my bug eye sunglasses or fill in my eye brows and I'm good to go lol. But for those times when I feel like I need something on my face so I wont look too tired, I either like to use a concealer and apply it under my eyes or I use my Get A Tint tinted moisturizer by Mark. It gives my face a hint of coverage just enough to even out my skin tone. It's light weight, non-greasy and doesn't make me look oily though out the day. I really like it!

Product claims:  "A light weight, oil-free moisturizer with just enough color to even out your skin tone and giving a healthy appearance of a healthy glow. The unique balancing formula hydrates while it helps prevent shine in those spots prone to excess oil".
Source: meetmark.com

 For a tinted moisturizer, its pigmented and it evens out my skin tone pretty well. But please, don't get it confused with a liquid foundation. It's not meant to give a full coverage on the face. It's only supposed to give a light coverage just enough to even out the skin tone. I also find this product great for my oily skin. I wear it for a whole day and it makes my face looks dewy not greasy or oily.

Swatch in Honey/Golden. This is my shade and it works well with my tan skin tone. See how pigmented it is?

Here is a before and after pic using my Get A Tint tinted moisturizer. Can you see the difference? I hope you can see the improvement on my skin tone. It's a little better right?
(these photos are not enhanced in any way)

  • Pigmented for a tinted moisturizer and it evens out the skin tone pretty good.
  • Very affordable. only $9
  • It's oil free
  • It's non greasy 
  • I can't think of one thing.

Overall, this is an awesome tinted moisturizer. I highly recommend it to everyone especially to those who doesn't really like to wear foundation on a daily basis. This product feels like a light moisturizer on the face and it evens out the skin tone pretty well. It's also affordable and won't break your bank. This is my second tube and I will continue to re-purchase in the future.

Rating  : 5 stars
Where to buy it? You can purchase it at my E-Boutique. Click HERE
Price: $9.00

"Celebrity is hawking make-up, cars, everything; it's shifted". -Janice Dickenson

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Makeup Look

Turkey, turkey, turkey!!! I love Thanksgiving because people are a little nicer than usual. Not as nice during the Christmas season, but nice enough to say thank you for every nice things you do for them. It's true! For some reason it puts people in a good mood lol. It's also the only time my neighbor says hi to me in the elevator O_o jk. But seriously, I love Thanksgiving because its another way for family and friends to get together, be happy and feast on a huge roast turkey! Oh yeah, I love the combo of turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce and etc. So delicious and looks very pretty as a spread on the table.

With that being said, I did a Thanksgiving makeup look inspired by the warm colors of Thanksgiving. I used orange-y copper, rich browns and cranberry colors for the eyes paired with a no fuss nude lips using a nude lip liner and a clear gloss. It's a very rich and beautiful look and it's super easy to do!

I got this dress at San Pedro Wholesale Mart in Downtown L.A. Fashion District for $5. I love it because it gives me the illusion of a tiny waist haha! Also, it matches my makeup without making it look tacky.

I've been using my Dermalogica skin kit in Oily
 and Cellnique moisturizer and I've seen an improvement on my skin. My pores looks smaller yay!

-Almay line smoothing concealer in medium
-Mark powder buff foundation in Golden
-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-MAC Spiced Chocolate quad. Nano gold, Sweet Chestnut, Brash and Spiced Chocolate
-Sonia Kashuk gel liner in ebony
-Select flase lashes (from the 99cents strore!)

-Body Shop Vitamin E Intense moisture cream
-Almay line smoothing concealer
-Dermablend Setting powder

-MAC blush in Gingerly

-Wet and Wild lip liner in Willow
-NYX round lipgloss in clear

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice"  ~Meister Eckhart