Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cute Christmas Earrings

Yesterday after work, I found these super cute Christmas earrings at the Fashion District in Downtown L.A. Initially, my plan was to only get some of my favorite street food, the over stuffed Quesadillas at this one spot because I was mad craving them, ( Besides the famous bacon wrapped hotdogs, you really gotta try the stuffed Quesadillas) but I ended up walking around and checking out my favorite accessories place too. I might as well right? lol

I found these earrings at a random clothing store where everything was $1.99 on 16th and Los Angeles pl. It's not the best clothing store to shop because it was a bit messy and they had a lot of funky looking outdated clothes but they did have some really cute Christmas accessories like broaches, necklaces and earrings for only $1 each! I could have bought all of the Christmas earrings because I was so excited. They were all cute with bright and festive colors but I had to stop myself since there's no way I'm really going to wear some of them. I didn't think I could sport a huge dangling bright green Christmas trees on my ears lol. So I limited myself to 5-6 and only picked out the ones I could see myself wearing ^_^

Red and silver bow earrings with sleigh bells. They really make noise..so cute!

Red and white clip earrings that remind me of a candy cane.

Kim Rogers dangling  candy cane earrings. I'm not sure where you can find this brand but I found some being sold online. They have clothes, shoes and accessories.

I love these silver and gold snowman earrings!

Dangling snow flakes earrings with tiny rhinestones.

Dangling snowman earrings. They're pretty small and not too obvious that they're snowman. I guess I can wear this year round right? l ^_^

I wished everyone had access to the Fashion District so you can see the cool stuff I find. It really is an awesome place to find great bargains. Heck I should start selling these $1 accessories...jk

"You look for stars. You look for the makeup artist who can have long lasting careers and who could be headliners." -Clive Davis



  1. those earrings are really cute, I love seasonal jewelry!

  2. Becky, those are so festive! :) I've been here for quite some time now and I still haven't been to downtown LA! If only we had places like that here in the valley. :s

    I promised my husband's little cousin that I'd take her there! I told her about the $5 dresses! lol.

  3. Those are so fun! The snowmen are definitely my favorite. Mmmm...quesadillas sound so good right now!

  4. Adorable ! omg the bows and the snowman are my favs !

  5. were can i buy them???
    their so adorable

  6. amazing post!! love it
    check out my channel :D

  7. Im in love with the candy cane earrings ;)