Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Fav Fall Makeup Look...dark plum lips

 Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a great week. I'm feeling extra good today because it was my day off. I got to sleep in which was the best thing ever and, I got to relax and chill by myself ^_^. For this post, I just wanted to share my favorite fall makeup look. This is the look I've been doing a lot this season. I did some defined neutral eyes with some false lashes paired with dark plum lips. Years ago, I didn't think I would be able to pull off this kind of look but now I love it. It's such a gorgeous look. The dark lips gives it a sophisticated and pretty look. I hope you guys like it.

watch the video tutorial below if you want to learn how I did this look ^_^

I curled my hair with a flat iron for the first time. It was a big fail lol. It curled half of my hair the right way and the other half was all over the place lol. I kind'a winged it by making it look messy and wavy ^_^

NYX round lipstick in Medusa is a rich dark plum shade. It's such a gorgeous color and the perfect lip color for fall.


-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Milani e/s in Almondine
-Milani Mosaic bronzer in Afterglow
-Mac e/s in Spiced Chocolate
-Physicians Formula Organic eye liner in Black Night
-Select false lashes

-Palladio baked blush in choc-au-lait

-Dermalogica climate control lip treatment
-Wet and Wild lip liner in Willow
-NYX round lip stick in Medusa

"The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy."

-Yves Saint-Laurent



  1. gorgeous! that color really fits you well!

  2. I'm loving dark colors this season for some reason :D I actually think I'm going to wear (in public) that one lipstick on my blog I wore for that fotd a while back ^_^

    I'm thinking I wanna do this dita von teese makeup tutorial :D hmmm.. contemplating it tomorrow so hopefully there's good light!

  3. Gorgeous look! :P Sultry and sexy. :)

  4. the makeup look is awesome on you! it flatters your skin so well :)

  5. whoa lovely look!
    so sultry and seductive ;D

  6. Loving this! You work the dark lips very well! I've always wanted to but I have unshapely lips that look awful with dark lip colors :( Not brights either! Just neutrals and nudes

  7. the first picture looks so sexy!!very pretty

  8. Gorgeous!

    The color is really pretty on you. Oddly enough, I've never even thought to try out plum on the lips...hmm

  9. You look amazing Becky !! That lipstick is simply beautiful.
    Cant wait to watch this tutorial.

    xo Jess

  10. I love love love this look! Plum/dark lips is something I don't think I'd adventure into, but this is stunning.

    You look like a starlet!

  11. You look stunning, Becky! I know I can never pull off dark lip colors that well.

  12. Wow you did a great job. The look looks great on you! You look very sophisticated! He hee. :)

  13. Plum looks incredible with your features and skin tone! I'm not sure it would suit me because I am really really light right now. But I love color on the lips and neutral eyes for Fall too ;)

  14. very pretty. . i just posted about this same color the other day.

  15. Wow you look amazing Becky! What a pretty color!

    Get on Twitter please! LOL

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  17. Wowww such a gorgeous look!!! Love that shade...will surely give it a try.
    You look awesome!!!
    Great job honey!!

  18. You pull off the plum lips so well. Don't think I have the courage to do that yet.

  19. suits you nicely, looking great beck!

  20. ooooh girl you are looking super saucy in these pictures!! I LOVE IT!!

  21. This shade is gorgeous and it looks gorgeous on you !!