Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Super Cute Dirt Cheap Accessories haul.

Yay for dollar accessories!!! I never pay more than a dollar for my accessories...wait, let me take that back. I never pay more than a dollar unless I'm at the mall and I see something super freakin' extra cute then I won't mind shedding some or a lot of money for it lol. By the way, I get all my dollar accessories at Downtown L.A. Fashion District ^_^... of course. They're pretty much all over the Fashion District but I do have my favorite places where I like to go for cute and dirt cheap accessories. Click HERE and HERE to read about my crazy bargain Downtown L.A. clothing haul.

First, I went to a random accessories store where they sold earrings, cocktail rings, belts, headbands and etc. They carry different familiar brands like For Love, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Hot Topic and many more. I didn't bother getting the address since the owner wasn't sure how long they're gonna be in business O_o.

 I got these 4 Charlotte Russe earrings for a $1 each. 
 My favorite was the one with the rose. It looks vintage.
 $1 bracelets
There were a lot to choose from but I only got these because I ran out of cash O_o. They don't take debit/credit cards.

Second, I went to this store called "The 4 Piece For $1.00 Jewelry Store". It's one of my favorite places to get super dirt cheap accessories. They have all kinds of accessories you can think of in different designs that are pretty, funky and weird... in a good way for a really dirt cheap price. I love it! Like the store title says, you can get 4 things for just $1. Amazing isn't it? My friends I and always take our sweet time whenever we come here because there's so much to see.

These were 4 for $1 (photo below). Funky earrings. They reminded me of  those big and chunky earrings from the 80's or 90's lol.

They also had some earrings priced at 2 for $1 (photo below). These pair of weird octopus looking earrings were very funky and gypsy-ish lol. I'm not sure how I will incorporate them in my clothes but I like them ^_^

This bracelet had a Victorian design and feel to it. It's so pretty! I really liked it.

They also had a variety of $1 accessories (photos below)
This was pretty cool because you get 3 pairs for a $1!

I love this funky bangle bracelet. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.

That's pretty much it for my dirt cheap accessories haul. I'm happy with everything I got and the prices were awesome. I'll do another post whenever I get an accessory craving again lol. Thank you so much for visiting my blog ^_^

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  1. Wow, I love everything Becky! I can't believe you got all this pretty jewelry for a dollar each!

  2. wow look at all you got !!! those safety pins earnings are awesome !!!

  3. I'm jealous - we don't have that here :( Those earrings are way cute.

  4. they are all pretty! and i love that they are inexpensive, too! ♥

  5. I'm impressed you got all of that! I love those triangular blue earrings-they look so fun!!

  6. I love the vintage looking ones like the rose-coloured earring and the cameos, pretty much everything! Really pretty haul! :P

  7. So fabulous and such a bargain!!!Yayyy for accessories!!!

  8. Wow!
    The earring caught mu\y heart
    What a lovely style and design
    specially the first earring collection

  9. What a steal! I love accessories and you picked up some fabulous, unique looking ones! Those octopus looking earrings would go great with an off the shoulder shirt...hmmm maybe in gray to play off the bit of silver detailing? Oh would make such an awesome shopping buddy for me! I love bargains and you have such a great eye for fashion.=)

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  11. I'm so insanely jealous.

    I seriously need to come live with you, you always find these amazing deals!

  12. When I come to LA, you must show me where to find these!

  13. OMG- what a steal for all these cute accessories!!

    I am in LOVE with the gold earrings! I want them! Heheheh
    Enter my giveaway to win a pearl necklace!

  14. wow love everything
    4 item for 1 dollar that is dirt cheap

  15. Great haul! I absolutely love the fashion district, every time I visit LA we spend at least 2 whole days walking around scouring all the great deals.

  16. love the CR peace heart earrings!! great finds!! you can normally get that Mixit brand at department stores which ive always agreed was waaaaaaaay overpriced! wish i lived near the la area!thanks for the share!

  17. You picked up some really cute pieces!

  18. yeah i agree with you with buying accessories for cheap because unless they are those real gold/silver buying them in regular price is just crazy!!!

    Btw I love how your pictures came up. What camera do you use?

  19. ooOOo...those are nice! Yet so cheap! I like the Charlotte Rousse ones =)

  20. Oh my gosh! How cool is that. Definitely gotta go and take a trip to Down Town LA. Thanks for posting! :)

  21. I LOVE your downtown LA haul posts!!! Every time I read one, I swear it makes me want to jump in my car and drive up there! Great finds, honey! I'm so jealous. :)

  22. Super cute stuff! :)


  23. I love the Charlotte Russe earrings! I need to take a gander at that place now. These are such great steals! I'm envious! :))

    I love it! Awesome haul! :)

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