Sunday, December 5, 2010

It was a mess!!!

Today in the morning, I pulled out my eye shadow drawer and I found this mess. OMG, my only Jesse's Girl loose eye shadow was all the way in the back and it's opened half way and it spilled on my NYX pigments. I should not have stored it with my other eye shadows since I knew the lid was never secure. It's from the old Jesse's Girl packaging without the sifter and a little bit of  product easily came out even when the lid is on *shakes head*.

It was a pain to clean it up and it took forever. Blue was all over the place. It stained my hands, my makeup and little bit got inside some of the NYX pigments which was so annoying ugh! I ended up tossing my Jesse's Girl loose eye shadow in the trash because it was just too messy.

So what did I learn today? Next time, just get Jesse's Girl loose eye shadow in its new packaging so I won't have any problems ^_^


  1. I think it's better to press the loose eye shadows. I did the same thing to my NYX pigments. I can't handle so many loose stuff. :p

  2. I have a loose pigment in my makeup storage now I have been ignoring, it isn't that bad though. I think I'll actually just put it in a small ziploc bag to keep it from getting worse.

  3. I'm glad I never had a problem with that for my loose powders but I've never own Jesse's girl before... poor you =[

  4. OMG you have a lot of makeup!! LOL I have like 5 things in my makeup bin..hehehhe

  5. Aww same thing happenned to me not so long ago with a bareMineral pigment! I have no idea how it happenned though as the lid was closed tightly... 0_0

  6. oh my gosh !
    so many things... wanna have them too !!!

    xo lala