Monday, December 13, 2010

No fuss Natural Nude lips

This is my version of a natural looking nude lips using a very inexpensive lip liner by Wet n Wild. It looks very natural, great for everyday and it goes well with any eye makeup. When talking nude lips, I'm not talking about the white, pale, powdered donut lips that I'm sure you've seen many people wear. It's when your lips are a lot lighter than your skin tone and you look very dehydrated and sick. I must admit, I am guilty of the powdered donut lips. I used to think pale, almost white lips was the perfect nude lips haha. That was back when I was starting with makeup. So lesson learned and now I know better and will never do it again lol...unless if it's a high fashion makeup or photo shoot where makeup has no boundaries then white pale lips is totally hot!

           The Powdered Donut lips
hot or not?

I love to use my Wet n Wild lip liner in Willow. It's creamy, smooth and only 99 cents at your local drugstores. It's the perfect nude for my medium skin tone.

- Pick a lipstick/lip liner shade close to the natural color of your lips. If you have dark skin, go for a darker pinky brown or just plain brown or if you have lighter skin then go for a  lighter pinky brown  or even light orangey brown.
- It's best to let the lip balm sit on the lips for a good while before applying any lip color. It will prevent the lips from drying under the lipstick or lip liner. 
-Stay on the natural lip line when lining the lips. We're not creating a new shape, we just want to enhance the lips.

And do you know who looks perfect in nude lips? Of course Kim Kardashian!!! I just love her makeup and style and she always look gorgeous ^_^

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I fell off the blog world for a little bit that's why I haven't been able to do a decent post. But thank you for still visiting and commenting ^_^



  1. This made me laugh. :)) It's like, "NOOO!" This is funny, Becky. :P

    I'm all for moisturizing the lips! I do that twice a day. Exfoliate when I can too!

    Happy Holidays, missy! :)

  2. You have such pretty lips! I love the liner you used. Wet N Wild is really stepping up their range lately.
    No worries Becky, you still have one of the best beauty blogs around =)

  3. Yikes! I'm guilty of the pale, powdery donut lips. Ew. I'm a makeup noob so I guess I have a solid and valid excuse??

    I'm using MAC in Cherish and I think it gives me that kinda look. But I dont wanna throw it away so I'll just top it off with some other lip color.

    Thanks for the tips Becky. You're my fave blogger! :)

  4. Powdered donut lips! LMAO! SO not hot! Love your version of nude lips. :) Kim K. all always soo gorgeous!

  5. LOL for the donut lips:-) i totally agree that Kim K rocks nude lippies but so do you:-)

  6. LOL powdered donut lips!! >.<
    You have such pretty lips and you're so lucky to have Wet n Wild in where you live!!

  7. hihi
    I have these nude lips everyday i really dont care if it is bad I just apply a bit of foundation on my lips & a light brown lipgloss for some gloss in the winter butt
    I have some news for you (:

    & oh Becky because you are a follower you must really check this out:

    its my contest I give away nails designed by me for the winner!!

  8. hey gurl! just wanted to say Congrats on making it on the’s Top 50 Makeup Blogs... you def deserve to be on that list... just incase u havent seen it yet, here is the link

  9. I like how you used the lip liner!! Natural color.


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  12. lol, powder lipstick? This never came to my mind or I just consider this on my lips.

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