Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: ELF Mineral All-Over Eyeshadow brush

I never buy an eye shader brush over a dollar. All my eye shader brushes are from the ELF dollar line. They get the job done, which is apply eyeshadows on the eye lids, brow bone and sometimes even blend colors together. The bristles are very soft and for a dollar, I can't complain. I recently picked up the ELF Mineral All-Over Eyeshadow brush which almost made me re think about my dollar eye shader brush mentality lol...almost! It was on sale at my local Ross, a clothing discount store for only $2.49 so why not get it right? It's normally $5 at ELF website so I it was a good deal.

This brush is part of the ELF Mineral line brushes. They are cruelty-free, ferrule are made of recycled materials, handles are made from sustainable bamboo and bristles are synthetic Taklon which is great for wet or dry products.

ELF described it on the website as "The large flat brush head creates perfectly even and smooth color application on the eyelid. The curved shape of the bristles provide easy maneuvering and precision for color where you want it."  I agree with this claim except for one thing. Yes, it applied eye shadow nicely on the lids. I use it for either packing on the color or brushing it all over the eye lids and even contour the crease to create depth. But it's not a large brush. It's quite small, a little smaller than their dollar eye shadow brush. 

In comparison to their ELF dollar eye shader brush, the bristles are more dense. Therefore, it easily picked up more product. It's white and eyeshadow color was very visible even after you quickly clean it with tissue paper. I always feel the need to clean it with a brush cleaner right after every use.

Overall, it's a great brush. If you don't mind the price then I suggest you buy it. It applied colors on the eye lids very well and I love the fact that I can use it with wet or dry products without ruining the brush. Also, it's always good to support Eco-friendly and animal cruelty products. Will I keep buying it? Maybe one or two more times. I just have to wait for a 50% off sale on the ELF website because I sure won't shed $5 on it. LOL I'm such a cheap-o!

availability: ELF website
price: $5 or $2.50 with a 50% off coupon code.


  1. i love e.l.f!

    if you live near a Target they are selling a bunch of E.L.F holiday sets. and some Targets even sell the Essentials and Studio line.

  2. Great review! I too am waiting on the ELF 50% off! There are so many new items I want to try. Hehehe!

  3. ELF $1 brushes are so great--- might not worth it to pitch in $5 for a similar brush!

  4. Ode to Ross! I scored a few Elf items from their mineral line too. I was so shocked to find them there. Ross always surprises me with their secret treasures.

  5. i actually like elf brushes alot! thks for this review!

  6. I love Elf brushes a lot! cheap and does the job well :)

  7. I wanna try this new brushes from elf! Thanks for sharing! :)