Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spotted: Wet n' Wild makeup at the 99cents Store

I spotted a whole tray of Wet n' Wild  Mineral Powder Foundation at my local 99cents store. It was located at their makeup/beauty section covered in paper bags and other random stuff. I'm surprised since these are currently being sold at drugstores for $4.99. It only came in the shade Tan and I guess it wasn't selling too well so it ended up in the 99cents store? They also had lip liner duos but I didn't take a photo.

The shade Tan seemed like it could work with my skin tone so I decided to buy it. It was only $1 so I had nothing to lose if its good or not ^_^.

 If you're interested, you can hit up your local 99cents store and hopefully you can find them too ^_^

Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Whaaaa? Are you serious? That's awesome! Which 99cent store was it? Thanks girlie! xo

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  3. Woah! Ross? 99 cent store? You're just spotting it all!