Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CVS 75% Clearance makeup haul...Pt 2

Again??? Haha yes I did! But I don't feel bad about this haul since I didn't go too crazy. I could have but I didn't lol. I went to another CVS further from my house and, I found other stuff that I didn't find in my local CVS. They still had a lot of clearance makeup in stock which was very surprising. For a minute, I felt like buying everything and stock up on lipsticks and eyeshadows and what not...but then that's just plain greedy so naaahhh! So I walked down the beauty aisle and only picked out makeup that I knew I was going to use.

I was really excited to find a lot of Sally Hansen makeup inspired by Carmindy for 75% off. I think they are expensive for drugstore so finding them on sale was really exciting! They had pressed powders (select shades), eyeshadow palettes (all of them), liquid foundations (all shades), powder and cream blushes (select shades) all for 75% off. My local CVS didn't have these....weird O_o

75% off on most Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy makeup

50% off on most Cover Girl products

Natural Beauty Luminous Matte Pressed Powder in Medium Deep for $3.24 (saved $9.75)
Natural Powder blush in Orchid for $2.75 (saved $8.24)
Sheerest Cream blush in Flush for $2.25 (saved $6.74)

Natural Beauty Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palettes in Quartz Eye and The Storm for $2.12 each (saved $6.75)

They had some Almay makeup on sale for 75% off but they weren't too interesting so I only got this eye shadow palette which I thought I was pretty cool. Almay Intense I-Color trio for blues for $2.12 (saved $6.67)

I'm sure I won't be buying anymore makeup anytime soon after this lol

Did you go to CVS? What did you get? 

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  1. Nice Picks!
    Grrrhh... I so envy you. Too bad we don't have CVS here in Phils. Now I'm wonderin if will there ever be a CVS here... sigh

  2. wow you're on a roll! lol! well i didn't go, because i just know that i wouldn't have any self-control once i see something that i really like and on sale lol!!!!! heheh well at least like you said, "you didnt go too crazy" :)

    i've never tried any sally hansen make up before. are their blushes really good?

  3. I got some things too Im going to another one tomorrow !!! Great buy love those Sally hassan

  4. oh Becky! of course you are going to buy more makeup! there is just TOO many pretty things out there! hahahaha

  5. I went to CVS nearby today and found absolutely NOTHING. So tomorrow (or well... today since it's after midnight), I will go to another CVS... maybe to see if they got sales goign on.

  6. Hahahaha, you are the best finding good stuff at low prices :) You have a "thing" with great discounts ;)
    Nice make up.

  7. <3 I want to go back so bad! I didn't find anything at my cvs but then again i didn't know to look behind things. I was sure some Revlon stuff would be on sale :( anyways i want to go back and sign up for that beauty club.

  8. great blog you have here! newbie blogger here! it'll be so sweet of you if you follow me there too

  9. My CVS aren't having this sale and I asked and they thought I was crazy. No stickers nothing and I've scanned so many things, nothing is on sale :(

    Great hauls though :)

  10. @Sherri: oh nooo...that's weird! I guess it's not all cvs??? but that's so weird!

  11. I can;t wait to go to cvs now!! check out my blog and follow plz