Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review/Photos: NYX Round lipsticks (Lip Smacking Fun Colors)

If you want to experiment with different lip colors but doesn't want to break the bank, then I highly recommend the NYX Round Lipsticks. It's a standard, but pretty good lipstick with a creamy texture that's available in an array of beautiful colors. They have all the colors you can imagine and for only $3.99 or less you will end up buying a whole bunch and not feel bad about it ^_^

NYX website promised these are long lasting and smudge proof, but I didn't experience that at all. In fact, these will fade on you in a matter of an hour. To prolong the wear, I apply the lipstick, blot it with tissue and apply another layer. Blotting with tissue gets rid of the excess oil. The texture is very creamy and has a tendency to bleed outside the lip line, so make sure you apply it carefully.

They are available in over 140 beautiful shades. They have it from nudes, pinks, reds, browns to purples and even black. If you can't find a color you like then you must be color blind ^_^. The coverage depends on it's finish. A creamy matte is more opaque while satin, lusters and metallics are medium but buildable. Also, it's difficult to distinguish the finish of the lipstick when looking at the swatches on the  NYX website. I pretty much rely on makeup bloggers for real swatches.

Ceresin Wax, Polyethlene Wax, Microcrystalline Wax, *Beeswax, *Lanoline Oil, *Isopropyl Myristate, *Mineral Oils, *Octyl Palmitate, *BHA, Propyl Paraben, *Mica, *Titanium Dioxide, D&C Red No.A1 Lake, Pearl Powder, Iron Oxide
The mineral oils provides a moisturizing benefit.

The price tag is unbeatable. You can get these for only $3.99 or less depending on where you get them. I get mine at the Fashion District in Downtown L.A. for a $1. But you can purchase them online such as NYXCherryCultureULTAAmazonMakeupGeek and ebay. Let me know if there are other places where you can get them and I'll add them here. You can also spot them at independent beauty supply stores and salons, so look around your area.

They have sticker labels on the top of the cover. I love it when makeup companies put labels/names in their products. It gives a lipstick it's own character.

I love how you can see the shade on the bottom of the lipstick. It makes my life easier whenever I'm looking for a certain shade I'm in the mood for.

For the price, these lipsticks are awesome! Yes, these are not long lasting, but just layer on the colors and re-apply when you need to ^_^. I recommend this to everyone especially if you're a beginner in makeup and doesn't want to spend too much money on lipsticks. 

What is your favorite nyx round lipstick?


  1. WOW!!! You've got them all LOL I've got Paris(too much pink for me) and Summer Love (Too much pale for me) I like the thing that I can experiment with colors for few bucks.
    I went to the store looking for Thalia, Mars, Iris, Tea rose or sky Pink but I ain't lucky enough yet. If you've got these ones, maybe you can give me some advise ;)
    Kisses!! Enjoy your round lipsticks :)

  2. my fave is thalia! It's an awesome colour. I agree, these are great for experimenting.

  3. i used to like NYX but when i tried to swatch it & rub it with a gold item, it turned black & i heard that if something turned black it could be an indication that it has a high content of lead so i sold all my nyx lippies.

    my other friend says that she noticed that her natural lip tone turned darker because she has been using nyx...

    but i have to admit, you can't beat the price for this!

  4. @Thiamere Thanks for the info and I'll try the gold thing. But the Cosmetic Cop Paula Begoun has reviewed them and found nothing wrong with them. Her reviews are based on the product ingredients, how it reacts to the skin and results on many product test on women.

    I have used them for a long time and I did not notice any discoloration on my lips or what so ever. I guess people have to make sure the lipstick is not old.

  5. Oh damnnnn girl thought i have lot of nyx lippies but i guess not anymore...what's your favorite nyx lippies? i wanna get more nyx lippies what would you suggest? :D

  6. nyx has turned me into a lipstick fan!

    right now i luv wearing louisiana :D

  7. I like nxy lipsticks :) Only thing why I don't use them so often is taste. If I just go over my lips, it tastes like metal. Have U experienced that, or is just me?

  8. wow!!! you have everything!!!
    i love snow white, tea rose, still looking for a great nude shade for my morena skin, any suggestions?

  9. I have only one NYX lipstick and it's Tea Rose. I love it, so creamy!

  10. I squealed when I saw your big NYX collection :) My favorite so far is Indian Princess. I'm currently testing out Strawberry Milk, but it may be too frosty. Getting them for $1 each is unbelievable. I love LA's fashion district!!!

  11. holy crap that's quite the collection! i love their lipsticks, i only have a couple but they glide on so nicely!

    Beauty Bag 411

  12. where excatly did you get them at in the fashion district we always go down south for spring break and i will be there next week so i was planning already to be on the hunt for any nyx products

  13. Are those all yours? Omg! I am so jelly (jealous)! And woah, you've got lots of lipsticks in nude shades. I love it!