Monday, January 17, 2011

Review/Swatch: Laura Mercier lip glace in Opal

I just did a review on my L'Oreal HiP shine struck liquid lip color and now I'm back with another lipgloss review ^_^. This time it's my Laura Mercier lip glace in Opal. Man, I get confuse between Laura Mercier and Laura Geller. Both are cosmetic lines and can be found at your local Sephora lol. I had to look at my lip glace several times to make sure it's Laura Mercier, not Laura Geller haha.

Anyway, I got this really cute sample of Laura Mercier lip glace from my Birchbox last year. If you guys don't know what Birchbox is then click HeRe to learn about it. I was pretty excited to see it included in the package since I've never tried any Laura Mercier makeup. I've seen it at Sephora but I never thought of buying them because of it's expensive price O_o.

It is sad to say the shade looks better in the packaging than on my lips O_o. The shade Opal looks nude but it's actually a pretty light pink shade with beige shimmers.The coverage is sheer and it barely shows up on my lips which is not necessarily a bad thing, but at least I want a hint of pink to show. It's definitely not a color to be worn by itself. I suggest to apply it on top of any lipstick to add gloss.

It has a gel-like texture and applies smoothly on my lips. It's moderately sticky and does not last long which sucks butt. However, it gives my lips a wet and shiny appearance making them look fuller and luscious and, it has a yummy vanilla scent that it so yummy!

A full size lip glace is $22 O_o. Yikes, too expensive!!! Unless you want to indulge in this average lipgloss then go for it, but if you ask me, it's not worth it. You can get the same or better lipgloss at your local drugstore.

I have discoloration on my lips O_o

I was hoping for more shimmers.

This is an average lipgloss with an expensive price tag. I don't hate it but it doesn't impress me enough to recommend it to a friend. In other's an okay lipgloss. I'm glad I got a sample because I would never buy it in full size.

price: $22



  1. Great review I would have thought that line was great in lip glosses cool thanks for sharing

  2. Nice review, Becky! I've never tried Laura Mercier stuff before so I was curious about it. I'm not one to indulge in fancy fancy lip stuff, actually. I love my drugstore lippies. Besides, I rarely finish a tube of gloss anyways LOL XD

  3. I'm a little stunned to find out that their lipgloss is just average. and after reading your HIP lipglosses review and see the swatches, Laura Mercier's looks so dull. thank you for sharing this review.

  4. Makes your lips look nice though :p

  5. i looove how the shimmer looks like on swatch! not too obvious on the lips.. i like it! (..but the price? naaahh! haha!)